Saturday, October 31, 2015


In The Realm of Darkness
The Son Light is Decidedly Lacking
The Night is Relentlessly Attacking
Fear is Oft' Hijacking 
Conscience is Always for Vacation Packing!

We MUST The Realm Of Darkness Hate
We MUST let Jesus Christ in at The Longing Heart's Gate
We MUST Resist Satan's Customized Bait 
We WILL Suffer his Written-In-Blood Fate!

Honor Almighty God!
Love Jesus Christ - He IS The Lord!
Give Assent to The Comforter's Peace Accord
At The Last
Avoid Eternal Death's Fjord!



Nothing New + Prayer: I Give You Praise!

There is Nothing New under The Sun!
There is a Season for Everything - Even Fun!
God Cannot Change - He's The King of Love
Jesus Shed His Blood for Me - I am His Beloved!

Mercy and Grace
Etched in Jesus' Heart
On His Skin
In His Face
Love for Those Fallen
His Creatures - The Disgraced
Beloved of The Master
To Save from That Eternal Death
He though Sinless 
Mortal Death - and Spiritual Separation from His Father - did Taste!

"What Wondrous Love!" declares My Soul
When on His Cross
In My Sin He Himself Enrobed
Going into The Dark Estate I should have Known
His Act of Compassion
Laid Me - CLEAN - before The Eternal Father's Throne!

** PRAYER **

My Father - God
My Savior - Friend
My Comfort - The Spirit
Until This Journey Ends
I Give You Praise 
My Blessings
My Help
My Healing
Today and Tomorrow
Whenever I Pray!
Until Your Eternity
 I Wondrously Survey 
Until Your Heavenly Home
I Blissfully Share
Prepare My Heart and Uplift
Bind Up My Spirit from Sin to Depart
Help Me Be Obedient
Help Me Be Faithful Always to Pray
Help Me Cling to Your Way-marks
So That I Can't Stumble In The Dark!
I Love You, Dear Lord!

Friday, October 30, 2015

HAPPY SABBATH: Cool Fool + Prayer: Grant Us Your Blessing, Lord!

Call Me Stupid
Call Me Fool
Call Me Christian 
For With Them All 
I am Truly ... Cool!

I Trust in God's Promises, but
The Learned have Stated:

"Promises Are Comforts for Fools!"

So, Indeed, To The World
I am indeed a Big Fool!

I'm Not The Fool who Says:

"There is No God!"

Nor The Fool who Labors Not!
I am The Fool who Holds To The Promise
That, Like Daniel
I will from The Dear Master
Receive My Own Lot!

I'm The Fool by World Standards
For I Choose to Believe
In The Promises of The God
Whom I Cannot Even See but Answered 
When His Heart I Could Feel!!

Call Me Stupid
Call Me Fool
Call Me Gullible
Call Me - if You Will
Christian - Fool That I Am
For I Know That Jesus Loves Me
A Lowly Human!

Will You Be A Fool For Christ? 

He Especially Likes Hearts 
Sin and Strife!


Options In Life:

Be a Fool for Jesus Christ


Be a Tool by Satanic Device!



We Come Before You as Children Beloved 
Beseech You
In Your Unending Mercy 
 Hold Our Hands 
Our Heads and 
Our Hearts 
Grant Us a Measure of Your Strength to 
Help Us to Handle The Hurts 
Which We Will Sustain 
Along The Highway to The Heavenly Home.

Help Us to Give Over to Your Healing Ministrations 
The Problems and The Provocations
The Disappointments and The Distresses
The Nudges and The Nightmares
The Grudges and The Griefs 
Help Us to Hold on to The Hope that is Christ Jesus.

Grant Us Your Blessing, Lord
for it is 
The Desire of Our Humble Hearts.

We Honor You
Bless You 
Worship You
Give You Glorious Praise
Even as We Plead Our Cause
In Jesus' Holy Name.

We Love You, Lord.


Thursday, October 29, 2015

EXERCISE: Decisions Must Be Made!

DestinationHeaven or Hell

God's Word Tells
Before The Bell Tolls
Before The Night Falls
Before Heaven and Earth are Recalled
Decisions Must Be Made By One And By All!

Is This You:

Face of An "Angel"
Tongue of A Sailor
Body of A Sinner
Wily as A Snake
Gentle as A Dove
Skittish as A Deer
Determined as The Devil
Cautious as A Canary
Faithful as The Friend
Glad to Be Alive
Studious as The Beehive

Or Are You:

Creepy as a Bat
Giving Tit For Tat
Stealthy as The Cat
Laid Out On A Mat
Stirring Strife In A Vat?

Or Are You:

Happy As A Clam
Having Bread And Jam
Living On The Lam
In A Toyota Van
Oft' Getting A Tan
Just Because You Can?

How Would You
Describe You 
You Experienced Jesus 
Now, As You Are Walking On To Zion?

1. The Sin You Have Overcome
2. The Sin You Will Be Most Thankful To Be Well Rid Of
Then ... Give God Your Praises 
For The Holy Spirit's Working In Your Life! 

Please Use This Exercise As An Honest Inventory!!

We Are All Sinners
There Is Neither Repair Shop
Broken, Messed Up People In Heaven!

All Repairs Must Be Accomplished HERE!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Judas and John

The Familiar Friends were Believers in Jesus Christ and Worked for The Salvation of Men's Souls. These Friends Trusted both Jesus' Word on The Coming Kingdom, but
there The Similarities Ended:

John was Willing to be Led
Judas wanted to Lead

John Stuck Close to The Bread of Life
Judas Stuck Close to The Money to Buy Bread for Life

John Wholly Leaned on Jesus
Judas wanted Holy Jesus to Lean on him

John Trusted His Creator
Judas wanted His Creator to Trust Him

John held to his Finite Trust in The Infinite God
Judas held to his Finite Trust in his Finite God

John was Generous
Judas was Covetous

Of John, Jesus said: "Woman behold thy Son!"
Of Judas, Jesus said: "It would be better if he had never been born!"

John's Later Life was Embittered yet Sweet with Peace
Judas' Sweet Life Ended Bitter in Pieces

John's Life Testified for Jesus Christ
Judas' Life Testified against Judas:
--  Greed, Guilt, Gluttony, Guile, Graft
Gumption and Grandiose Grapplings for Greatness

John Waited on God for Greatness
Judas' Greatess Weight was Guilt

Historical John is The Revelator
Historical Judas is The Reviled

John and Judas
Walked with Jesus
Both ate His Bread but
The Betrayer Judas caused Jesus to be lead
To The Realm of The Dead

John is The Disciple Beloved
Judas is The Disciple The Devil Loved

Two Disciples
One Lord
Two Disciples
One went with The Fraud
Two Disciples
One gave Glory to The Eternal God
One - trusting in his own Sight -
Has no Place in The Land of No Night!


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Let's MOOB!

Sis. Anastasia N. Station, Lady Glorene S. Pious, Sis. Velcine Broad and Psalmist Professora A. Kaste are the very best of friends ... and with good reason.

These ladies are The In-crowd's biggest gossips in Give God Praise Assembly and Charity Inc., and their husbands are the Corporation's directors and shareholders, and its biggest donors!?

I don't know about you, but I have never heard of a church nor a charity having shareholders, and I don't know that The Household of God has an "in crowd!"

Anyway, that is what these moojins tell anybody who would listen to them, and their constant idiocy.

Let me tell you upfront that I personally do not gossip, thank The Almighty, and I have never been at, nor on, the receiving end of one of those notable ladies' hatchet jobs.

These ladies are no dilettantes in The Division of Gossipers!

These ladies are connoisseurs in The Art of Character Assassination, and take pride in doing The Job well and thoroughly.

Whenever a church member was hauled before a business meeting because of their generous and officially sanctioned Ministrations To Protect The Lord From The Wicked World's Ways, you can be sure that that person never sets foot back in that church by reason of The Shame.

All that was left to that person was to figuratively zip up the "body bag" and be gone!

I tell you that if there is anything worth knowing about anybody at anytime and anywhere no matter the weather, these sanctimonious pillars of feminine pulchritude - noted also for their en point hats and dulcet tones - always have the 411! They are good!

Did I tell their nicknames?


Listen to this:

If you saw one of these, you saw them all!

One day, The Ladies entered The Sanctuary in single file, and Sis. Shay Dinks uttered in a beautifully clear and gorgeously enunciated stage whisper:

"Transmitting Today 
In full Devil Power 
The Pious Broad Kaste Station!"

Then came the Pertinent Cliche:

YOU could have heard a pin dropped!

And, thereafter ...

The Battle Lines were Drawn. <<<>>>

A Small Rudder turns a Big Ship
A Big Horse is turned by a Small Bit
Hell is firing in a Red Slip
Called The Red Rag - The Tongue!

God Himself hates The Gossiper
He encourages all to use a Stopper
Mind your own business - don't be a Hopper
From house to house - to Hell!

We are on The Mission dealing in Love and Mercy
We should not Gossip talking Dirt and Nonsense about Anybody
Let's Mind Our Own Business, and
Turn to God Faithfully for
He has The Cure for what Ails You and Me!

Monday, October 26, 2015

The Lie In Life

I know The Lie in My Life!
I looked for a place to call Home
A place where my Heart would never be Alone
I fooled myself - I called around on the phone
When He who loved me true was near - I Wasn't Alone!

The Master made The Perfect Suggestion 
When He said to Buy His Eye Salve!
He is right
For I look 
I don't see what is really truly there for me!
I only have to think of Him and He is Here!
I only have to pray and the care disappears!

Would that I will Trust You, Lord!
Would that I will Forget the phones' cords!
Would that I will See quite plainly
That You Love me True ... and Honestly.

I choose today to Leave The Herd!
I choose today of The World to be Cured!
I choose Him who is Faithful
My Soul's Lover - My Friend
My Master - The Shepherd
Who Cares for His Flock Even After This Life's Journey Ends.

Please Take The Lie Out Of This My Life
Give Me Your True Life!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

One Church!?!

The Church is Poor in Pocket
The Church is Poor in Numerical Strength
The Church is Poor in Possessions
And what Little The Church has
Is in Constant Prayer Spent!

That Church is Rich in Pocket
That Church is Rich in Numerical Strength
That Church is Rich in Possessions
And whatever That Church has
Is on Constant Personal-empowerment Spent!

The Churches Believe in The Master
The Churches Pray unto The Living God
The Churches Believe in God's Promises
Of The Church getting its True and Just Reward!

One Church Preaches The Gospel
One Church Preaches A Gospel for Reward
One Church Teaches Love of God With Emotion
One Church Teaches The God of Emotion with Love!

One Church has for a Mission 
Gather The Masses By The Learned Word
One Church has for a Mission 
Gather The Masses By The True and Living Word!

One Church Gladly Gloats of Its Temporal Glories
One Church Gladly Gives Holy Praise to Its Eternal God
One Church Runs to and fro Gathering Rusting Trophies
One Church Runs Trusting To God From The World!

One Church!
Same God!
Similar Worship!
Same Prayers!
Similar Church!
Different Care!
One Church!
Same Mission!
Different Destination!

"Lord, There Is Something Seriously Wrong Here!"

We who Believe in God for Salvation
We who Believe in Jesus Christ and The Living Word
We who Believe in The Comfort of The Holy Spirit
Must Take Stock of what That One Church Really Says!

The True and Living God of The Holy Bible
The Author and Finisher of Our Faith
Is The Same Yesterday, Today and Forever
And Does Nothing To Be Popular Nor To People Scare!

"Repent and Be Baptized!" is a Constant!
Open The Door! 'I AM Knocking!" is a Constant, too!
And ... "Come unto Me and Rest from All Your Labors!"
Is Not Something That Is Held Back From The Seeking Few!

One Church has Itself A Stated Mission
One Church has Itself A Stated Goal
One Church - by A Name - is A Church, and
One Church IS The Church Of The Holy Living Eternal Father God!

No Stated Demonication
Registered Denomination nor
Hallowed Designation
Holds Any Water With Our Almighty God!
A Heart for Jesus Christ
A Life Divorced from Carnality and Vice
A Life Turned Toward Eternal Life
Is What Will The Holy God Suffice!

A Prepared Church 
The Holy One!
A Holy People - Not A Holy Building of Holey People!

A Heavenly Home
The Holy One 
The Wholly-Prepared Church of The Holy Bible!

Saturday, October 24, 2015


Man Proposes
God Disposes

Man Appoints
God Disappoints

Man makes Plans
God makes Decisions

God Giveth
God Taketh

God Blesses
God Curses

In All Things Pertaining to Man
God's Will will Be Done!

Who can ask God: "What are You doing?"
Who can ask God: "Why are You distressing?"
What will it do?
What will it change?

If we remember that all things were made by Him, and that 
All things were made for His Pleasure, and that 
All things survive BECAUSE of Him
We will see things that happen in our lives differently!

1. We are NOT our own!

If we believe in The Sovereign Will of 
The Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient God, and 
If we believe that He wills us to do of His Good Pleasure, and 
If we have subjugated our Personal Will to 
The Leading of Our Loving Lord
We are able, with conviction, to say:

Let us yield our Will and Way to The Loving Ministrations of The Master KNOWING FULL WELL that it is NOT About Temporal Prosperity i.e. Physical Earthly Prosperity, but about The Everlasting Prosperity of The Soul.

If we would but Understand and Accept this Truth, there is no God on Earth that will be able to Shake either us or The Foundation of Our Faith in The True and Living Only God!

Believe in Jesus Christ!
Trust in God!
Walk by Faith!
Live by The Heavenly Light
God's Holy Angels
Protect through The Dark Night!
The Holy Spirit Comforts
No matter how hard or long The Fight!
At the End of It All
We will Behold Jesus Christ
With Living Eyesight!

The Lord Is Our Light AND Our Salvation!

He Called Me By Love + Prayer: Lead Me Home

On The Day that I Finally Acknowledged
That I Needed Jesus' Love
Was The Moment that I Knew that
He could be Depended Upon for Eternal Love.

I did not have to be Official
I did not have to Raise a Flag
All I did was to Declare:

"Lord, You are My Shepherd!"

And Ask

"Will You Bless Me, My Lord King?"

The King of Love - Thou Prince of Peace
Oh, Holy One
Who Brings Relief
Accept this Day
My Humble Pray
And Lead Me on to The Home You Have Prepared:

I Love You, Lord!
I'm Glad I Found
My Way to You
Who Called to Me in Love!

I Honor, Bless, and Your Name I Confess
I Need You, Lord -
Help Me Pass this Life's Cruel Test!

Guide Me Through Troubled Waters
Lead Me Over Stormed-tossed Seas
Lead Me Through The Dark Shadows
That Fair Stalk Terrorize Me!

And, when My Day is Over
And Life as Known is Past
Lead Me with The Brethren
Away from What Is The Past
Into The Kingdom
Where Peace is for The Blessed!
Lead Me, My Savior, to Your Mansions of Rest
To What Is True and Good and Holy, and
What Will Eternally Last.

Friday, October 23, 2015

HAPPY SABBATH: Reality Bites! + Prayer: Father, Forgive Me!

Today I feel like an Idiot!
Yesterday I acted The Fool!
I gave in to Inclination
And became one of Old Satan's Tools!

How often have I said I Trust in The Lord Jesus?
How often have I asked The Father to Grant Me Grace?
How often have I prayed The Prayer of Faith
Only to have it fall back as Spit in my clearly exposed Face?

I Should Know Better for
Faith Without Works is Dead!
I Should Do Better for
Work Without Confidence is Rotten Thread, and
A Christian Without Character is Said To Be as 
The Barren Fig Tree Jesus Christ Cursed Dead!

So ...

Father, Forgive me
For not Trusting You Enough!
Father, Forgive Me
For using My Faith like Snuff!
Trusting You, Lord
On Demand
Leaves Me No Legs on which to Stand, so
Please Forgive, Father
This Weak and Frail Human, and
Lift Me Up as I Pray 
For I Come To You
As Only a Sinner Saved by Grace can!
Lord, I Need You!
Have Mercy and Bless!

Pencils Have:
 Erasers To Clear The Way 
To Right Wrongs


Christians Have:
Repentance, and