Monday, October 5, 2015

Almost Thou Persuadest Me ...!?!

I listened and
I heard oft' repeated The Word
ALMOST ... and
My hair got curled!

ALMOST ... in Christianity is
What an "F-Bomb" is to Right-thinkers
Of The World ... but I digress!

This is how The Story goes:

The Almost Rich
Is Almost Happy!

The Almost Married
Was Almost Pregnant! 

The Almost Believing
Was Almost Persuaded!

The Almost Reconciled to Almighty God
His Sin Almost Recognized!

The Decidedly Human believes
He is Almost God!

He who Almost Heard The Word
Thought God was Almost Great!

 He who was Almost Faithful was
Almost Helped and
Almost Healed but for the Fact
In Jesus Christ he
Almost Believed!

The Almost Christian
Whose Life was Almost Holy 
Cried because in God his Life was
Almost Perfect!

The Almost Famous thought
He and God were
Almost Friends!

Almost Persuaded said he could
Almost Say that there is God but
Since he had not personally met God
He will say that he could Almost Believe
In a Real God!

He who was
Almost Ready to Change
Almost Listened to The Gospel
And said it is Almost Too Hard to understand!

What is wrong with this "story?"

"... Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian!"
Acts 26:28

What is The Expected End to such a position IF Our Very Real, and Almighty God should come right this very minute?

What would your expression be if He God said to you right this very minute:

"I Almost Saved You 
When You Almost Believed in Me!
But, since You only Almost Trusted Me
I will definitely tell You that You are Assuredly Lost?"

In the Realm of Heaven, there is not one thing that falls into the category of Almost:

We are Saved by Grace Through Faith.
We are Redeemed by The Blood of The Lamb.
We are Reconciled unto God by Jesus Christ's Merits.

We have Homes in Glory.

We will have Golden Crowns.
We will have Stars in our Crowns.
We will Freely Access The River of The Water of Life.
We will see Jesus Christ as He sees us.
We will have Eternal Life.
We will have Immortal Bodies.

We shall never Grow Old.
We shall Never Die for
We shall have been Changed.

ALMOST is just about The Most Egregious Word that a Christian can use EXCEPT right here, and right now, when he Cheers himself by saying:


as he Struggles under The Burden of a Living Faith while Appealing To, Working For, and Looking Toward, Heaven!

Otherwise, ALMOST is a Self-Prescribed Death Sentence!

If you Need Jesus
If you Need New Life
If you Need Manna -
Trust God in The Strife!
If you will be Ready
To Walk The Pathway to Eternal Life
Put your Back to The Plow
Bless The True and Living God
And ... 
Come What May
In All Ways
Day by Day
Read The Holy Word
Pray, Pray, PRAY!!