Friday, October 30, 2015

HAPPY SABBATH: Cool Fool + Prayer: Grant Us Your Blessing, Lord!

Call Me Stupid
Call Me Fool
Call Me Christian 
For With Them All 
I am Truly ... Cool!

I Trust in God's Promises, but
The Learned have Stated:

"Promises Are Comforts for Fools!"

So, Indeed, To The World
I am indeed a Big Fool!

I'm Not The Fool who Says:

"There is No God!"

Nor The Fool who Labors Not!
I am The Fool who Holds To The Promise
That, Like Daniel
I will from The Dear Master
Receive My Own Lot!

I'm The Fool by World Standards
For I Choose to Believe
In The Promises of The God
Whom I Cannot Even See but Answered 
When His Heart I Could Feel!!

Call Me Stupid
Call Me Fool
Call Me Gullible
Call Me - if You Will
Christian - Fool That I Am
For I Know That Jesus Loves Me
A Lowly Human!

Will You Be A Fool For Christ? 

He Especially Likes Hearts 
Sin and Strife!


Options In Life:

Be a Fool for Jesus Christ


Be a Tool by Satanic Device!



We Come Before You as Children Beloved 
Beseech You
In Your Unending Mercy 
 Hold Our Hands 
Our Heads and 
Our Hearts 
Grant Us a Measure of Your Strength to 
Help Us to Handle The Hurts 
Which We Will Sustain 
Along The Highway to The Heavenly Home.

Help Us to Give Over to Your Healing Ministrations 
The Problems and The Provocations
The Disappointments and The Distresses
The Nudges and The Nightmares
The Grudges and The Griefs 
Help Us to Hold on to The Hope that is Christ Jesus.

Grant Us Your Blessing, Lord
for it is 
The Desire of Our Humble Hearts.

We Honor You
Bless You 
Worship You
Give You Glorious Praise
Even as We Plead Our Cause
In Jesus' Holy Name.

We Love You, Lord.