Friday, October 23, 2015

HAPPY SABBATH: Reality Bites! + Prayer: Father, Forgive Me!

Today I feel like an Idiot!
Yesterday I acted The Fool!
I gave in to Inclination
And became one of Old Satan's Tools!

How often have I said I Trust in The Lord Jesus?
How often have I asked The Father to Grant Me Grace?
How often have I prayed The Prayer of Faith
Only to have it fall back as Spit in my clearly exposed Face?

I Should Know Better for
Faith Without Works is Dead!
I Should Do Better for
Work Without Confidence is Rotten Thread, and
A Christian Without Character is Said To Be as 
The Barren Fig Tree Jesus Christ Cursed Dead!

So ...

Father, Forgive me
For not Trusting You Enough!
Father, Forgive Me
For using My Faith like Snuff!
Trusting You, Lord
On Demand
Leaves Me No Legs on which to Stand, so
Please Forgive, Father
This Weak and Frail Human, and
Lift Me Up as I Pray 
For I Come To You
As Only a Sinner Saved by Grace can!
Lord, I Need You!
Have Mercy and Bless!

Pencils Have:
 Erasers To Clear The Way 
To Right Wrongs


Christians Have:
Repentance, and