Friday, October 9, 2015

HAPPY SABBATH + Without Belief, Faith Is Milk Froth!

After Much Ado about everything Wrong, Iffy, Annoying, Distracting, Disturbing, Sinful, and Oppressing and Depressing in My Life - and in The World - I have Decided I Cannot Really Live Without Waiting on The Lord!

 I Cannot Do Much to Help Myself!
 I Cannot Wake Me Up
Without The Master Holding Me Up, so
There's No Doubt That My Life without Him 
Would be a Major Muck!

My Eyes Serve ...
Meals My Stomach Can't Digest!

My Mouth Writes ...
Checks That My Person Can't Cash!

My Carnal Heart Yields ...
A god That My Now Saved Soul Can't Worship!

My Feet Have Walked ...
The Path that Can't Lead to Heaven!

My Faith-In-Jesus-Sense Tells Me ...
That What I Oft' Hear For Gospel Is Pharisee Leaven!

So, In Short ...

Without The Master - I am Tempest Tossed!
Without The Savior - There Is No Payment of My Costs!
Without Belief - Faith is Milk Froth!
Without Faith in Jesus Christ ...
I Am Forever Lost!

Note to Soul:

Self Worship is Idolatry!
Self Praise is Vanity! 
Self Pleasure is Not Even A "Thing!"

Go Against All Worldly Wisdom
Get Right with Jesus Christ!

Know The Shepherd - Get in The Fold
Otherwise The Hereafter
Will Be Very Hot - Not Cold!