Sunday, October 18, 2015

Peace and Rest!

There is a Darkness in This World
Colored many a Shade
But, if we would in Christ, look closer
We will see Satan with The Coloring Pencils
Coloring in The Shades!

We, of Ourselves, are Quite Helpless
We, on Our Own, are Sitting Ducks
But, We Who Believe in King Jesus
Don't Worry About Drawings by The Purveyor of Luck!

Pray and Press On!
Faith! Not Ever Forlorn!
Trust Jesus in Spades 
He is The True Healer and Maker of 
The Coming Happy Days!

With Wisdom from On High
From The Haven in The Sky
Hope is Clean Clear Speech, and
Rest Assured is The Chorus on Repeat:

Peace and Rest!
Blessed Peace and Rest!
In The Kingdom of The Blessed
There is Grace's Merciful Assurance of
Glorious Peace and Sweet Rest!