Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Talking Eternity!!

Best Man came over tonight
He wasn't dressed special
He just looked, well, all right
We sat, and we talked
Of yesterday, and today
And then, let me tell you something
I heard him say a little prayer for me!

Hmmm ...?

"Dearest Love!" - that's his pet name for Me!

"Dearest Love
I love you well
I love you
How much more ... I cannot tell
I love  you, and I wish that we
Would enter into Holy Matrimony!


Alright then!
Now he's talking turkey!

My mistake!
He's talking Lamb Fest!

"Dearest Love," he said, again

"I give you my heart, and if you will, yours I claim!

I will provide for you a home that is peerless
I promise that with your heart I will not be careless!

I give you My Word
That you I will defend
That nothing will harm your Soul
Not devils nor wicked men
I will protect you
I will lay My Life down
For My Commitment is 
As Holy Ground!

Your home will be a mansion
Quite special, I declare
Of gold which, to me, is 
As common as fresh air!

Green pastures, crystal streams
Water that gives Life
Fruit, such fruit, My Darling
Will you be My Eternal Wife?

What I have is forever
To you I give Me ... Eternally
Give me Your Heart, Dearest
My Love for You is perpetual to Me!

What I offer, no money can buy
What I have I give to you
It comes Holy - no lies!

My Father is Ancient
My Home is Up High
Come to Me, Dearest
We will fly through azure skies!

My companions will be your guardians
Strong, and excellent company
Nothing can come nigh you
When Me you don't see!

My Word is Truth
My Heart Is Pure Gold
My Spirit is Comfortable
You will never be alone, nor suffer cold!

All I ask You, My Dearest
Be Faithful
Be Constant
Be True unto Me
I am Faithful always
I don't abide Infidelity!

There will be days you will not see Me
There will be days you may know fear - don't fear
Trust Me, ever and always
A way for You is prepared!

Now, Dearest, I must warn You
Life with Me will not be always calm
For I have Me an adversary called 
Natas Nam!

He is cruel and cunning
A liar and a cheat
Divisive and vindictive
And dresses beautiful and neat
His acts can be quite charming
But all have a sting
Love Me and trust My Word
And to Me wholly cling!

I give My Life for Yours
In My heart I hold You
Obey Me, and love You
Please never doubt My Word!

Think, Dearest, about Me
Think hard on My Words
And if You are agreeable
Let's be married
I've paid for, and providing You with 
Beautiful - custom - wedding robes!

I said: "Yes!"

I said: "Yes!"
For he is kind!

I said: "Yes!"
He's always on my mind!

I said: "Yes!"
For another like him I'll never find
And, you know what?
That Man IS Divine and

I love him.