Monday, October 26, 2015

The Lie In Life

I know The Lie in My Life!
I looked for a place to call Home
A place where my Heart would never be Alone
I fooled myself - I called around on the phone
When He who loved me true was near - I Wasn't Alone!

The Master made The Perfect Suggestion 
When He said to Buy His Eye Salve!
He is right
For I look 
I don't see what is really truly there for me!
I only have to think of Him and He is Here!
I only have to pray and the care disappears!

Would that I will Trust You, Lord!
Would that I will Forget the phones' cords!
Would that I will See quite plainly
That You Love me True ... and Honestly.

I choose today to Leave The Herd!
I choose today of The World to be Cured!
I choose Him who is Faithful
My Soul's Lover - My Friend
My Master - The Shepherd
Who Cares for His Flock Even After This Life's Journey Ends.

Please Take The Lie Out Of This My Life
Give Me Your True Life!