Saturday, October 17, 2015


Wolfie was Caught Between Christ The Rock and Hard Place Cash!
He loved The Cross!
He loved The Cash!
But ... For Good and For Better
He is Building Up The Best Stash!

Ruled by Two Desires and
"Blessed" with High Flown Tastes
Something had to give for
The Cross was Proving a Hard Case!

Wolfie had Huffed and
Wolfie had Puffed
But he could not Bring God's House down
So, he thought up a New Game Plan
And became The Architect of Church Town!

He became The Real Estate Magnate
He became The Banker Extraordinaire
And he became The Public School Principal
And The Good Works Volunteer!

He owns The Food Processing Company
He owns The Farm Land too, I hear
He owns The Transport and The Airport
And of The Town Council he owns one or two
And it is said by The In-crowd
He owns of The Preachers many more than a few!

Things around Town are in Turmoil
Hearts are in a Roiling Stew
Problems are a-Boiling
And Prayers are Going Up by for Me and for You!


Divide and Conquer
Command and Commandeer
Cut-off and Separate
Subsume and Obfuscate!

And ...


Prayer and Supplicate
Repent and Confess
God Validate
Love Your Brother - Don't Hate!

The Faithful are God Trusting
The Trusting have Jesus Christ's Faith
All are Beloved of The Master
And none Fall for Things that Titillate!

Wolfie was in Church Town's Sheep-Fold
And even gave Great Offerings
But, his Singing was so Off-key
The Believers have No Problem
His Song Discovering!

Forewarned, The Believers had No Trouble Accepting
That Sheep and Goats Together Will Grow
That Tares and Wheat will Show at The Harvest
With Tares Separated out for The Burning
And Wheat to The Barn to Safely go!

Sooooo ...

"Wolfie, your Days are Numbered!
Wolfie, your Beard you may let long Grow!
Your Heart is not Benevolent, and
Your Garments are not Blood-washed
To Render them White as The Driven Snow!

We may only be a Remnant
But we are cut of God's Linen Cloth, and
We are Maintaining Integrity!
We don't Bend to, Bow for, nor Worship
Pretty, Putrid, Polished Gold Calves!

Get Thee, Hence
Thou Spawn of The Devil!
Divide and Conquer will indeed Carry The Day
Jesus Christ Conquered Your Master The Devil
And just like him, you will for Your Sins Personally Pay!"


Don't Cross The Dividing Line!!