Saturday, October 10, 2015

VESPERS AT THE END OF THE SABBATH: Is God Really Real?! + PRAYER: Remind Me Who Daily Blesses Me!

How is it that we Find it so Easy to Trust  Man Born of Woman, but find it so Difficult to Trust The Good God who Made The Man and The Woman?

How is it that we Put so Much Faith in a Relationship with a Faithless Human Being but Find it so Very Hard to Trust Him Who is Ever Faithful?

How is it that we Trust The Profane and Doubt The Holy?

Why are we so Lacking in Faith when The God of All Grace Shows His Hand Time and Again as The Great Physician, The True Provider, and The Loving Shepherd, The Faithful Friend?

Why is it that Our Faith Is Not Increasing?

Is Our God Really Real?

We are Not Called to Blind Obedience!

We are Called to Reason with God - there will be not one Soul in Heaven who gets there "Just Because...!"

We are Called to Know God through Jesus Christ!

We are Called to Repentance!

We are Called to a Saving Knowledge and Faith in Jesus Christ!

We are called to Trust and Obey God!

We are Called to Walk by Faith and Not By Sight!

We are ... CALLED!

If we Say we Love God, then we MUST Trust God which, by extension, means we MUST have Faith in God!

We have Heard The Word - The Word is Truth!
We have Faith in The Word Delivered 
We Doubt The Giver of The Word
Who is Himself, THE WORD!

This Does Not Compute!


"Sanctify them through thy Truth. Thy Word is Truth!" John 17:17


  • Live in The Light
  • Walk by Faith
  • Distrust Eyesight
  • Pray for Provision of Peace, Rest, and Quiet Night
  • Keep Heart Focused on The Father
  • Don't fall for Satan's Hoaxes
  • Dismiss Christ Deniers and Man-made Gods as Liars and Lies

Time is Coming
When Believers will be The High Fliers
And Unbelievers will be The Gut-wrenching Criers!

FAITH and TRUST go Hand in Hand:

If You Know God ... Go to God!
If You Want to Know God ... Go to God!
When You Go To God ... TRUST GOD!
When You Trust God ... WALK 
By God
In God
Through God
For God
Because God 
Settle All Accounts! 


The Good Word Eternally Stands!


The World Often Seeks to Overwhelm Me
Even Unto Wanting Me to Distrust Deny Thee!
Please Have Mercy 
Even Though I am of Myself Not Worthy
And, Again, Remind Me 
Why I Know and Believe that You are 
The Almighty God 
Who Daily Blesses Me!
I Love You, Lord.