Friday, November 6, 2015

HAPPY SABBATH: The Gospel Stands Indestructible!

Let No One Feel that Spillage of a Believer's Life's Blood
Will Stop The Gospel from Going Forth to 
The Ends Of The Earth!

The Gospel of The Love of God has No Limits 
It Is The Truth-Provided Resource!

The Gospel Of The Love Of God Is:

Sanctioned by God
Spread by Faith
Covered in Blood
Revealed to All by God's Grace
Sealed by God's Mercy
Delivered by Love
Held by Hope
Carried by Trust in God
Used by Lovers of God
Preached by Believers in God
Protected by Angels of God
Accepted By Those Needful By God's Holy Spirit!

Spoken in Truth by The Truth
The True Word of God
Will Forever Stand ... By GOD!