Friday, November 13, 2015


I Like God!
He is My Friend
On Whom I Can Depend!
I Like God!

Seriously, I Really Like God!

"Strange Expression, don't you Think!?!"

No! No! Not at all!

Think about this:

The people with whom I choose to associate are the people I really like, respect, trust, find companiable, comforting, helpful, comfortable, resourceful, loving, funny, smart, and trustworthy. 

We are the same things to each other, and we love each other enough to like being in each other's company ... all the time!

And ... we are all-around good people, with character and faith in The True and Living God. 

Look at God:

  • Faithful
  • Merciful
  • Helpful
  • Caring
  • Gracious
  • Resourceful
  • Creative
  • Artistic
  • Comforting
  • Comfortable
  • Trustworthy
  • Loving
  • Just
  • Companiable
  • Wise, and 
  • Funny and 
  • Serious and 
  • True, and
  • Truthful 

God Knows The Best Ways for Me to Walk, all The Best Places where I May Lay My Head, Sets The Best Table, Guards Against Enemy Attacks, and knows where The Living Waters Flow, AND He Gives Me Life!

Best of All, because He does not Pry, and Waits to be called, and is Always Available on Demand, I share things with Him that I will not Share with Another Living Soul, knowing full well that He will not "Desert Me" by Reason of my Weaknesses, and Bad Temper, and Lying, and Cheating and Stealing and Daily Fornications and Adulteries! 

God Listens and He Counsels, but there have been times when He put His foot down and Chastised Me, and stated clearly: "Don't Do That! That is Not The Way for You!"

He doesn't leave Me to "Figure it out!" for Myself!

He Teaches Me The Right Way, and Helps Me to Walk in it!

We have had a few dust-ups over the years, though and, believe me, things were pretty bad for a while!

You see, I wanted to do something that God - Repeatedly - told me not to do, and I got on my high horse, and called Him a few unflattering descriptives and went on my merry way and did my own thing and paid ... BIG TIME!!

I was totally ticked off at God after that Debacle!

"How could You let me do that?!
How could You let that happen to me?!
Why didn't You stop Me?!
I thought you were My Friend!"

Want to hear what He said:

"Beloved, you have Free Will and Free Choice!
I will Never Force you to do The Right Thing!
I will Chastise, and Plead, and Love, and Call you BUT I will let you Decide AND whatever The Decision is that you make, I will be here Waiting for you when you call!"

His Answer totally took The Wind out of my Overblown Sails!

One day, I told Him that I gave Him Permission to yank Me back when He sees me going Astray and, do you know what? 

He has taken that request to His Heart, and He sticks closer to me that even my brother can!

It is Amazing!

On another occasion, we were Talking, and I Wondered how He could be Satisfied to be Always Giving Me Blessings for which I could Never Repay Him?!

Do you know what He said!

"I Love You! 
It is Enough that you Desire to be with Me, and are always Talking Intimately with Me, willing to Follow My Lead, and that you Trust Me, and are Walking - Faithfully ... Steadfastly - on The Highway To Heaven, as you Learn and Grow from Following The Way as Set Forth in My Family Book of Gifts that I Gave to you!"

My Heart Leaped!


God makes me Laugh - often!
God makes me Think - all the time!

In God, My Life is Complete
By God, I Stand Firmly on My Feet
With God, Bitter Tastes Sweet
For God Has Made Heaven The Prize
To Those who Faithfully Compete!

I Like God
He Is Wise
Uses No Lies
Plans No Way-out Strategies
Wisdom Is His Eye
I Can On Him Rely
By His Grace I Can Satan Defy
With His Mercy
In The Great By and By
I Will Live Forever
Winging To Worlds
Which Imaginings Can't Prophesy!

I Like God!
This Is Not About Obligatory Love
This Is Friendship ... And Beyond
He Called Himself My Friend - Unto The End
And Sought Me Out When I Faced Harm
He Looks Out For Me - Day and Night
He Fights For Me - Dissolving The Blight
He Died For Me - To Give Me His Light
He Carries Me - When Cares Benight
He Comforts Me - When I Take A Fright
He Watches Me - I Am Ever In His Eyesight
And Because Of His Sacrificial Love
I Shall Gain The Winner's Wreath At The End Of The Fight!
I Really, Really, Like God!