Friday, November 20, 2015

HAPPY SABBATH +The Way of Jesus Christ School

Looking for Jesus

IS the Right Thing to do
He has Eternal Life Waiting
To Present to Me and to You!

Longing for Jesus

IS the Right Thing to do
He Left Heaven
'Cause He Longed to Give Heaven to Me and to You!

Living for Jesus

IS The Right Thing to do
He Gave Up His Life
To Save Me and to Save You!

Learning of Jesus
At The Way of Jesus Christ School
Grants Students Great and Special Rights, and
Royalties are Set Aside
For Those who Study The Word by Day and by Night!

There is a Race for Life!
There is The Stay The Course Course
And Election and Perfection and
Pray and Fast Class and
There is Love The Lord to The Last and 
Burdens on Christ Jesus You Cast!

There is Burden for The Soul of The Outcast!
There are Vineyards and Fields Far-flung and Vast!
There is Turmoil and Temptation and 
Baptism By Fire Class
And There is Indwelling By The Holy Spirit
For those who Confession and Repentance Pass!

Jesus Christ Himself
IS The Principle Principle!
He is The Principal
The Pastor
The Lesson for Sure
And The Door
And The Lock Most Secure!

He is The Husbandman
The Shepherd
The Knocker on The Door
He is Seal and The Savior, and
The Boat and The Harbor and
The Sure Sheltered Shore!

Jesus Christ - Himself -  teaches The Way and
Brings Light and 
Holds Out for All The Eternal Life Light!
Jesus Christ - Himself - Demonstrates
How The Faithful Ones Should Fight
And He - Himself - also Demonstrates
How One in The Desert of Temptation should 
The Evil One Fight!

The Way of Jesus Christ School
Admits All Comers to The Light!
Previous Spirituality
Not Color nor Speech
Nor Income and Education
Have Any Bearing At All as
Acceptance for Anyone Can't Ever Be Bought!

Each Student by Foreknowledge Father
IS Designated A Way
Wherein They Themselves
Will Work, Walk, and Witness as 
Tuition on The Faithful Pathway!

Some will be Christian: Martyr
Some will be Christian: Missionaries
Some will be Demonstrators of God's Love
Some will have Terrible Deprivations
But All Will Serve By Jesus Christ's Love, Love!

All Students in Holding Jesus' Hand
Will Intimately Know and Have Jesus' Peace
And All Who Daily Deny Self and Will
Will Decidedly Know and Feel Hate Unrelieved!

The Master of Mercy is Himself
The Teacher of Prayer!
He also Teaches Compassion and 
Blessings in Burdens Shared!

Lunch at The School
IS Served by Daily Grace and God's Love and
Strength For The Journey
Provides Courage For The Way Dessert Tubs!

Personal Support is Provided by Companions
Excelling in Strength
Who are Guardians and Protectors
But Not sThinkers on The Fence!
Whether by Cool Waters Running or
Rocky Rugged Roads
Whether Resting or Wrestling
They be There
But Never Making You Their Way Go!

Many Students will Die During School Time
Before The Graduation Glory Day
All Faithful on Their Personal-End Earth Day
Will Rise Up Before those
Last Men Standing
At Christ Appears To Meet His Bride Happy Day!

BUT ...

Sadly, I Must Tell All Of You Living True
Of Those who Started School and 
Then Suddenly ... Withdrew!
Of Those who Refused to Be Seen with 
Sweet Jesus Christ Dear, and
Those Who Held  Satan as 
Their Lord and God Here!

Those Christ Deniers
Those Christian-Haters and
Persecutors and
Ridiculers Large
Torturers and Murderers
And Scoffers who Assuredly Knew
The Truth ... but
Chose The Lie
Who Will at The Appearing of Jesus Christ
Scream, Blubber and Cry for 
By Their Own Personal Choice
They Are Going To Eternally Die, and
The Remnant of God
Will - Church Triumphant -
To God's Glorious Glory
In Glorious Glory Glide!

God's Gift of Glorious Glory
Is For Those
Who Gladly and Gloriously Glorify God
God's Great and Glorious Grace
The Agency of The Quiet Holy Spirit
The Risen Righteous and Reigning 
Jesus Christ's Living Holy Faith!


LISTEN for Your Call
NOW Is Your Time-Ball
You May Stumble
You May Fall
It Will Not Be Fatal
Jesus Christ's Holy Spirit
Walk By Faith
He You Calls!!


A Living Faith Does Not Trust Dying Eyesight!

A Dying Eye By Faith Trusts He Who Made The Eye!