Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Feint Faint Praise!!

"I ain't waiting for no man to Praise Me!
I Trumpeting Myself!
I know that I am Good and Praise-Worthy, and
God got Me to help He with the Big Elf!"

"I don't Sin!
I Gave Up The World Things!
My Tongue is The Bible!
My Words are Wisdom Made of Precious Pearls - Gospel!
My Walk is Sure and Unerring -  direct to Zion!
My Robe is Reserved, and
I even got Myself My Own Church of The Bridegroom!"

"IS that right?!"

"Aren't All Men Liars?
Aren't The Thoughts of The Heart Deceitful Always?
Doesn't The Bible Say That any Man that Says he doesn't Commit Sin
Makes God a Liar?!"

"Well, that was meant for "Those Other people"
I have Set Aside The Things of The Flesh!
I haven't Committed a Sin in Known nor Recent Memory
And I Daily at Myself in The Mirror look in!"

"I am Perfect!
I'm Perfection Personified and
Personable and
Pleasing to Pass By!
I'm Proud to be a Peculiar Person
Practicing Peace, and
With Particular Pleasure
Putting Pride and
Patience in a Pin Vise -
I am a Bright Star - no Dew on My Fleece!"

"Jesus and Me are Partners
Bosom Buds!
I get Visions and Revelations, and
I does Prophesy and Divine Things for The Peoples (for a lil' something, of course!)
Jesus know me up Close and Personal!
I have an Inside Track, and
We fit like Hand and Glove!"

Doesn't The Bible Talk about False Prophets
And Lying Divinations?

"I used to be an Active Sinner
I now wear with Pride My "New Man!"
Jesus knows that He can Depend on Me and
I's He Second Man!

I a'int like that Paul
Doing what he
Ain't want to, and
Not doing what 'e should!

I don't Operate like People like You
Jealous and Envious of The Gift!
I does hear The Spirits talking
I stand Tall ... Unshakable
Like a strong Mountain Range, and
There Is No Way that I could ever Fall!"

Which "Spirits" do you hear?
I hope not the "Familiar Spirits!?

"I got Big Faith
Not nae-nae Faith like Some People
Fussy about them Mustards, uhm, seeds!
I got it going on
From Dusk until Dark
From Dark until Dawn!
I got This!
Look at Me
I Near to like God!"

What is Wrong 
This-Here Story
Which is Grating 
The Last Nerve 
Decidedly in The Wrong Way?!

Put On Your Thinking Cap

Fill In The Gaps


Give This Person a Good Bible-Verse Slap!

Name That Sin!