Sunday, November 15, 2015

Rejecting Joy For A Toy + Prayer: Father, Forgive Me!

I did not Commit a Sin That Day!
I did something Worse!
I committed a Self, My Friend
Which proved to be much like The Curse!

I did not break any Laws of God
I did not Lie
I did not Cheat
I did not Steal
But what I did that day Revealed
A side of Me I Openly Concealed!

I found out that I Reverence The Living God
Upon My Currently Available Terms!
I allowed That Sotto Voce
To Dictate when how I would Enter in
Sweet Communion with My King.

Well,  you may ask
Why The Big Deal?
Is not God always there?
Oh, yes,  He is!
But that's not The Point!
I have set aside His Special Time
Where I rest in Him
And we Commune - Love and Talk!

Let me try to Explain Better Using a computer game as Analogy:

I had a scheduled appointment with Jesus
My heart and my head were prepared
We got together as determined
No bells, no whistles
No fanfare.

During our normally scheduled appointment
Worldly pursuits and considerations were put away
This Time Is for Recharging The Soul's Batteries
So that Life would not drown me in The Rolling Waves!

In the Midst of our  Appointment
A Bright Button interrupted The Blessed Flow
I Interrupted Pray and Praise with My Jesus
To check how many of My Electronic-Game-Lives 
Time had graciously Restored!

As if that were not Sufficiently Egregious
Checking The Game
Turned into Full Game Play
And even though I could hear The Holy Spirit calling
I Permitted Self's Sotto Voce
To Decide Whom I Diligently Worshiped and
At whose Altar I Fervently Prayed!

I take it back!
What I said earlier
About not having Committed any Sin
Nor broken any Laws!
The First Commandment I did break
Choosing The Game-God
Loving The Fake!

Problem is when Electronic-God took my Electronic-Lives
I Returned to Jesus Christ with Burning Eyes
And He Accepted Me
As I proffered banalities and
Uttered platitudes as if Jesus Christ did not have
All-seeing, All-knowing, Ever-present eyes.

Well, let me tell you The Outcome of That Debacle!
I have never felt more Adrift from God than I did That Day!
I felt like I had Disappointed, Even Lost My Best Friend
And, Believe Me, The Incident Something Precious did Me truly Cost!

I tried to Rationalize My Game-Play
I tried asking Myself
Why such a Big Deal over a "Stupid Game!"
But, try as I might, I couldn't get my Living Spirit to feel Right
For it was as though I had Permitted My Blessing from God to be A "NO Show!"

Dear Ones:

This Real Life Is No Computer Simulation!

There are Real Souls, Real Threats, Real Prizes, Real Deaths and Real Rewards!

The Real Difference between The Real Computer and Your Real Life Is that Real Death without a Real Commitment to The Real Jesus Leaves One without The Real Benefit of The Eternal's Real Life Regeneration Cord, and Award, and Reward!

Anything in Our Lives That causes Our  Eyes To Look Away from Jesus Christ IS Our New God, Compliments of The Fraud!

So, Give it Up, and Look Up!

Call to Jesus - He'll get you off It's Hook, and With Eternal Blessings, He will Fill You Up!

Tell It To Jesus!

God Wrote His Law 


The Tables Of Our Hearts


We Will


We Are Doing Wrong!


Denying A Lie Doesn't Convert It To The Truth!


Don't Play

A Disobedient Jonah's Part


Your Own Life's Story!


Father, Forgive Me
For Ignoring You
Father, Forgive Me
For Creating Presumptuous-Sin Stew
Father, Forgive Me
For Those Days when I Deliberately, Wickedly
Choose to Not Know or Own You
And Help Me to Yield My Sinful Self
Totally Unto You!
I Love You, Lord.