Saturday, November 7, 2015

TRUTH: Because Of His Blood ...

Because The Word Created Man - I Live!
Because The Shepherd Died - I Won't Have To Stay Dead
Because The Savior Arose - By His Promise I Shall Awake
Because Jesus Christ Lives - I, Too, By His Faith, Shall Live Again ... for Eternity!
Because The Redeemer IS Returning - I Shall Inherit A Home In His Father's House!
Because of The Pet Pascal Lamb's Spilt Blood - I Can Approach Our Father!

Jesus Christ's Innocence Paid For My Guilt!
By His Cruel Death at Calvary
The Balance of Power Did Tilt, and
If I Would Accept That The Gift Is Not Gilt
I Will Be Clean - Not Covered in Silt!

I Can Trust The Living Word of The Glorified Master
Whose Love for Me Is Eternity Wide
I Will Lie On The Sacrifice-For-Sin Altar
And By Jesus Christ's Everlasting Merits
Cross To God Over The Great Divide!

Let No Creature - Seen nor Secreted - Kill Your Hope-in-Jesus Tree
Water The Roots
And Lovingly Tend and
Manure It - with The Living Word - Freely!

If Our Seed-Faith Is Christ-Sound
And The Glory-Light Resplendent Abounds
With The Pruning of Repentance and Confession, and 
The Tillage of Humble Prayer
Abundant Hope - in God Fulfilled - Will See Us
In The Heaven-bound Holy Throng 
On The King's Golden One-Way Highway!
Pass This Word Along!