Thursday, December 3, 2015

FINAL FATE: Walking on The Wild Side!

I Took a Walk on The Wild Side!
I Kissed Reckless Endangerment!
I Hugged "Life Is Good!" and on 
Self-Reliant I Stood
On The Day I said: "What Jesus, Bud?!"
Was The Day I Unleashed Satan ... and 
Sin's Malicious Soul-Destroying Flood!

My Shoes Began to Hard Pinch Me!
My Path Rocky and Scrambled Crooked Became!
My Knees Began to Cruel Hurt Me
I Felt Myself a Bought Stolen Recycled Used-Up Abused Slave!

I Bought a "Friend" at The Mall of Satisfaction!
I Rented The Beliefs from The Self-Actualization Store!
I Swapped Spit with Modern Philosophy
Sprayed On "In Action I'm God!"
I Realized it was All a Put-Up Job
Compliments of The Double-Death-Dealing Fraud!

I Made a Great Discovery that Floored Me
More and You, Too, Will See as I Tell
That Heaven Offers Mercy - Free
To You, Me and Everybody
Malice is a Garment of Costly Array
With Pretty Bells of Self-Satisfaction that Ring: "bRring Hell!"

Mercy - So Free - Is Lovingly
Sent from Heaven Above - No Longing Soul Denied!
Malice from Hell of Costly Array
Is Liberally Applied to All
Who would Sins' Pleasures Deny!

Mercy Thrives in Love!

Malice Thrives in Hate!

Think Carefully to Which You Apply
It Will Determine Your Final Fate!