Sunday, December 27, 2015

Game To Genesis! + PRAYER: Please Do Not Forsake Us, Lord!

I Acquired A New Word for My Vocabulary!
Its Medical
Grossly Nonsensical!

Pretentious Indeed
Providing Possibility
For A Child To Have
32 Daddies
To Change Its Single 
Itty Bitty Nappy!

It Also Provides For Same Sex Couples
To Have Children
Biologically Related To Parents Both
When We Know That That's Not How 
Almighty God Made Provision for 
Humanity's Prosperity and Growth!

Game To Genesis!
Play The Game
Get To A Beginning
You Don't Need The Living God
To Provide for You 
One Earthly Thing!

If, By Now, We Are Not Aware
That Mankind Is Doomed
We Are Existing In Brain Fog
Caused By Doing Magic Mushrooms!

Please Pray and Petition
For The Eternal God
Creator Of Heaven and Earth
To Make Haste and Hurry Up
And Tek Ba'k 'E Earth!

Man's Foolishness Knows No Bounds!
Respect For The Creator Is At An All-time Low
At The Rate That We Are Going
We Know Hell On Earth Is Putting On
A Spectacular Show
Save For The Fireworks
Preceding The Coming Of The Lord
Doing All That It Can
To Boost The Army Of The Fraud!


Lord, Please Do Not Forsake Us!
Please, Come Soon and Take Us

Who Are To You Faithful
To The Great Reward!

Bless Us and Keep Us!

Cover Us and Protect Us
From Those Who 
- Vain In Their Deceits and Conceits -
Believe That They Can Will You 
Formally Totally Defeat!

Bless Us, Lord
Even As We Bless You With Unclean Lips
But With Hearts Set
To See and Be Like Christ
Our Only Open Door!

Come Soon, Lord!
In Jesus' Holy Name We Plead!