Monday, December 7, 2015

Get Washed! Get Ready!

Are You Steeped In The Word of God
Are You Stalled in The World of Sin?

Are you Preparing For The Coming of The King
Are you Preparing to Battle Against Truth While Denying The Lord?

Are You Washed In The Blood
Are You Wasting In The Denying Flood?

Are You Permitting Jesus to Pay For Your Sin
Are You Diminishing Everything That Comes From Christ The King?

The King IS Coming!
Are You Washed, and Ready?

The King IS Coming!
Is Your Heart Fixed, and Steady?

Jesus Christ Will Pardon Those Who
Honor, Trust and Praise Him, True!
Our King IS Coming
Clean House!
Get Ready!
Get Ready!

Ready OR Not
The King IS Coming for ME and For YOU!!


Confession Of Sin
Is Good For The Soul!
Give Your Burden To Jesus
He Will Make You Whole!