Friday, December 4, 2015

HAPPY SABBATH + Prayer: Oh, Lord, Lift Us Up!

Oh, Lord, have Mercy on Your People!
Without Your Comfort and Aid
Protection and Provision
We are as Storm-tossed, Leaking, Listing, Ships in The Angry Sea!

Open Our Eyes So That We May See The Changing Tides and
Make our Skins Sensitive to 
The Disturbances and Direction of The Evil Winds of Prevailing Change!

Open our Ears to Enable us to Distinguish Safe Harbor from Wrecking Rocks!

Help Us to Understand The Height of Hypocrisy and 
The Depth of Deception 
Willing to Be Forced Upon Us by Those Who Avidly Seek After 
Our Hurt and Destruction, and
Cause Us Who Are - and Are Seeking To Be - The Holy People 
To Call, Walk, Run, Crawl
To You
To Bend Our Will to Your Way
To Follow You Faithfully
Fervently and Fully
No Matter The Provocation
The Occasion
The Location
Lust  or License
Time or Tempest
Torture or Terror
Temptation or Tyranny
Foisted Upon, and Fomented
Against Us who Call Jesus Christ
Savior,  Lord
True Friend
Eternal King
Beginning and End!

Oh,  Lord,  Lift us Up
So that We Will Lift You High
As Our Holy God!

Remind Us,  Lord
That You Are Always Available to Us
That You have No Desire for Our Hurt
That Your Hands Are Not Short
That Your Vision Is Not Fore-Shortened
That You See All
Know All and
Are In All!

Remind Us, Lord
That You Know All of Our Days, and All of Our Years
That You Are The God of All Graces
Who Keeps The Book of Life 
The Book of Remembrance
With The Steadfast Heart which Turns Not
In The Unchanging Hand
Balanced By Firm Justice
Tempered with Fair Mercy!

Remind Us, Lord
That Your Loving Heart Faithfully and Unfailingly 
Forgives The Sin Confessed and Repented of
By The Contrite - and Penitent - Soul!

Sanctify Us - Christ Marks and Makes us Worthy!
Save Us - You Delivered Up Jesus Out of Your Great Love For Us Sinners!
Seal Us - Your Holy Spirit Calls, and We Willingly Answer
So, Help
Save, and Eternally,
Eternally,  Lord
Eternally Hold Us, and Seal Us
By Your Great Love
In Your Holy Care
For We Do, Indeed, Love You, and
Praise You, and
Worship You
For You Are Our Holy God!