Tuesday, December 15, 2015

They Are Calling God A Liar!!

I Have No Sin!
God IS A Liar!

I Have Not Sinned!
God IS A Liar!

What Did You Just Say?
God IS A Liar!

Why Would You Say Such A Horrible Thing!?
I am Just Repeating What YOU Said!

I Said No Such Thing!!
So What Did You Say, Then?

I Said That I Have No Sin!
God IS A Liar!

Stop Saying That!

What Else Did You Say?

I Have Not Sinned!
God IS A Liar!

Stop Saying That!!

Why Should I?!

You Are Blaspheming God's Name!
So Are You!

No,  I Am Not!
Are, Too!

This Is Total Rubbish!
I Am A Bible-Believing God-Fearing Christian!
I Would Never Call God A "Liar!"  -  That's Satan's First Name!

You Did Call God A Liar!

Come On!
How Did I Do That?!

1 John 1:8 and 10

8 If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. 

10 If we say that we have not sinned, we make him a liar, and his word is not in us.

Is Your Name Jesus Christ?

Did You Become Sin For Mankind?

Did You Die On The Cross?

Are You Human?!

Weren't You Born In Sin?!

Weren't You Shaped In Immorality!?!

No!  No!  No!  Yes! Yes! Yes!

So Why Do You Say You Have No Sin
That You Have Not Sinned?

Well, ....

A hmm...

Because,  well ...  Ahhm

Good Answer!!

Don't Be Cruel!

Me?  Cruel?!
I Am Simply Pointing Out To You The Error In What You Are Saying About God! <<>>

Dear Ones:

This Scenario is The Result of Believing in "The Other Jesus Gospel" wherein One is - in essence - told to 

"Be as You are and 
Continue Doing What you are doing 
God Knows YOU and Accepts YOU as YOU are 
YOU Cannot be a Sinning Sinner because 
YOU Are Saved 
In YOUR Sin now Christened Salvation!"

Please ... Deny The Liar and Accept The Good Lord and His Truth that He Loves The Sinner BUT He Hates The Sin!

Please ... Accept Jesus Christ at His Word in 1 John 1:9:

  • Confess YOUR Sin for
  • God IS Faithful and
  • God IS Just and
  • God WILL Forgive OUR Sin! AND
  • God WILL Cleanse US From ALL Unrighteousness!
There Are NO Shortcuts To Acquiring YOUR Soul's Salvation, and The Person - Pastor, Priest, Prophet, Pope, President, Poseur, Prognosticator nor Parasitic Personage - who Claims Otherwise is THE Satan-Motivated-Actuated Liar!

A Word (of Truth) To The Wise Should Be and IS Enough!

Be Well, and Be Gloriously Blessed,