Monday, August 31, 2015

Mission Ready!

God sent Me on a Mission!
I said: "Sure, as long as You Come Along!"
Then I thought: "That Statement was Unnecessary!"
And started walking, singing a Happy Song!

Many are The Called!
Few are The Chosen!
God uses The Willing
Those be Salvation Broken
Providing The Equipment
Making The Way, and
There is No Fear that can Derail The Mission
Even if we Stumble and forget to Pray!

Jesus is My Pilot!
The Spirit is My Stay!
God is My Father, and
I will do What and How He Says!

I am not Forgotten
I walk with True Friend
With Holy Angels Encamping
Ready to Defend!

No matter what may Assail Me
No matter The Stumbling Blocks
Jesus Christ is The Shepherd
And I am a Sheep in His Flock!

I Pray in Faith for
I am a Believer
Ready to Work, and
I will not Turn Aside
Even if Woe Betide
For Jesus, The Captain
My Commander
Is Ever by My Side!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

WISDOM: Good vs. Grubs

I met a little Magpie
Stepping prettily as she went
She walked across the Window Sill
And then she daintily bent
And picked up The Shining Object
And ... away she went!

Ding, Ding, ding!!
Light Bulb Moment:

God Gives Us The Good


We Go After Satan's Grubs!

We Steal, Beg, Borrow, and Covet Shiny Non-beneficial Pyrite (Fool's Gold)
And Cast Off The Off The Scale Pure Gold of Heaven
Because it does not have
The False Glow and Cheap Sheen That Sin Artfully Supplies!

Please Remember ...

Anything That Satan and Sin "Give"
"Instantly Decays Upon Opening!"
and is
Useless for Salvation
as it
Corrupts Good Manners and Morals
Corroding The Spirit
and is also
Distinctly Deadly!

Nothing Good Comes From Satan!!

So, Dear Ones, Go To God For The Gold ...


Saturday, August 29, 2015


Satan is The Liar!
His white shirt has Rainbow Trim, and
If you are not real careful
He will draw you, spin you, and pull you in
To his many machinations
To get you to Worship him as king
Leaving The Love of The Savior
To his Putrid Pit of Sin to Head First Fall In!

Don't Trust Satan! 
He does not like Humans
Especially any that Belong to Jesus Christ The King
Whose throne He has sworn to rise above
Which means he must make himself higher
Than The King whom My Soul Desires!

Liar! Liar!
Your pants is on fire!
You are not someone
That I can admire!
You are a murderer and
A consummate cheat
I heard you talking and
It came out like the bleat
Of The Big Horned Goat
Who could once make musical notes
But because of his sin
He gets someone else to sing for him
With himself as director
Orchestrating the moves
The dances, the pyre
With Greed and Gusto
Gambit and Gain
Penny Ante, Operator
Mad Money and Gin
I-Ritis, Me-Itis, and Belly the Bard
Who, for a penny 
Sells Sinners for a pound
While Wild D The Coyote
Helps hunt them down!

Lies are Lubrication
Lies are cheap oil
Lies are the Currency
The Destroyer employs
To mislead the Gullible
To outwit the Worldly Wise
To bamboozle the Bewitched
To free-play with Sin's toys!

Listen well, Dear Children
Listen well, and Understand
That Satan The Arch Deceiver
Will often appear as a Kind Human!

Satan's words are in Opposition
Always to The Holy Word
With a well-studied Basis
Much like Milk with Cheese Curd!

It has what you want
With a little extra beside
It always has a high note
With a free-fall on the Back Side!

Think of: "Thou shalt surely die!"
Think of Satan's: "Thou shalt not surely ...!"
Think of The Stated Outcome
THEN, with God's Help
Act Right and Accordingly!

Satan has No Love for Man
Satan will Deceive You -
Don't You Know That You're Human?
Stay on The Straight Path
Follow As The Holy God Says
Do The First Works  and Stick with King Zion
And before You Know it
You will be to Heaven Flying!

Satan IS The Liar
He Wants More "Wood" 
His Funeral Pyre!

Deny The Liar His Desire!

Walk With GOD!!


Prayer: Your Hand

Oh, Lord
Your Hand of Provision is Ever in My Sight
And I Bless You both Day and Night!
I Thank You for The Grace
That Ever Flows!
I Thank you for The Mercy 
That Never Slows, and
I Thank You for The Hope
Especially when Sorrow Shows!
I Bless Your Holy Name, Lord
For You Know My Beginning and My End, and
I Humbly Offer You My Praise and My Worship!
I Love You, Lord!

God's Love For Me Is Eternal! + Prayer: Thanks!

God's Grace gives Me Access
God's Mercy gives Me Hope
God's Love for Me is Eternal
And for this I don't have to Vote!

I send a Prayer up to Heaven
With Full Knowledge of The Power of Jesus' Blood
For The Blood of His Great Sacrifice
Assures Me an Answer from God Above!

I will Pray to God without Ceasing
I will Pray when it seems This Life is Me Defeating
I will Pray for My Days on Earth are Fleeting
I Will Pray ... I WILL PRAY!


Heavenly Father,
Thanks for the Benefits You Bestow
Thanks for The Love that Shows
Thanks for Forgiving The Balance I Owe
I Give You Praise!

Friday, August 28, 2015

HAPPY SABBATH + The Great Occurrence!

There was The Great Occurrence
Which came from Heaven above
Which tells The  Beautiful Story
Of Sacrificial Love
How Jesus left His Home in Paradise
And came to Earth for to Die
To save the Race of Mankind
Sin Defiled!

He thought not of The Great Sacrifice
He thought not of The Grave Pain
He thought only of His Beloved Children and
How He must them Reclaim!

With Great Love and Unending Compassion
He laid on That Cruel Cross
For without His Great Personal Sacrifice
His Children would be forever to Him Eternally Lost!

Now this is The Redemption Story
Hear you well This Song
How Jesus my Savior
His Gold Crown Laid Down
To give me a Way Back
To be Reconciled unto The Holy God
Instead of being Forever Destroyed
Anathema to God!

Jesus Died
Yet He Lives and,
Of this, I'm Certain:

He is Coming Again One Glad Day and
Because I am a True Believer
I am packing my Blessed Faith and
I am Waiting
With Him I shall Fly
Fly Away!

Glory is Awaiting Me
Glory, No More Cross to Bear
The Glory of Jesus I shall Share
Bless His Holy Name!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Call No Man Master

I will call no Man My Master!
I will not Worship Man as God!
Man cannot do anything for Me
For Man is ever into doing something bad!

Man's Baubles and Trinkets though shiny
Can never from God draw me away
For I have The Faith of The Heavenly Father
And from that I'm never turning away!

I can say this with Mighty Conviction:
I have denied Self AND I don't then Self-rely
For I do not turn Inward - I turn Upward
And I Trust The Living God for Me to Provide!

I will not Walk on in My Own Strength - I have none!
"Dear God, won't You Please with Me Your Strength Share for
You Promised to Provide for My Daily Needs
And You Promised Always to Care!?"

I Know and Believe that You, Lord, are Faithful!
I Know, Lord, that You are My One True Friend
And I know that until The Day of Discovery
That You, Lord, will always Me Defend!

Blessings are Mine for The Asking
Accepting and, definitely
Taking Hold!
Blessings will be Mine in The Forever
Because My Master IS Jesus Christ
The King
The Savior
The Purveyor of Fire-Tried Purest Gold!

I Will Call No MAN Master 
MAN Cannot Help Me
MAN Cannot Heal Me
MAN Cannot Save Me
MAN Cannot Seal Me
MAN Cannot Redeem Me
SIN and DEATH and Hell

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Prayer: Father, Keep Me

I come as a Child both Wayward and Stubborn
 I have a Temper, Dear Lord, which I must Learn to Govern
 I Trust You and Love You
Dear Lord, Help Me this day
Always before You True Humility to Display.
Let Me not My Poor Self Beguile
Keep Me Always Loving, with a Genuine Smile
Remove from Me Faithlessness and Worldly Regrets
And let Me Present Myself
Willing and Ready
With a Heart that is to Your Coming Kingdom Set.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Before 12 o' Clock!

The day started with news of Patricide
Then it was followed by a Suicide
Then there was a Homicide
And I was feeling, well, Tongue-tied!

In whom could I Confide
Regards the Flowing Red Tide?
"Time is Running Short
For those Denying that Jesus Christ Died for us!" I cried.

Satan is Snide!
The Worldly Web is Wide!
Guns no longer Hide
And Families Divide!

Where is the Teacher Guide
Who will humbly faithfully to The World Provide
The "Oil" from God's Side
That can cause People from Sin to Backslide?

God's People, let's get off our Backside
Let's go yon' to the Roadside
Let's teach even the Mourner at The Graveside
Let's help to arrest the Rapid Down-slide
Before God issues His Terminal Broadside!

Thank God that Jesus indeed Died
And we, Faithful, did not His Grace Deny
Heaven is now here Espied
Unrepentant Sinners will Permanently Die
We will no more ever Cry
And we will in Peace to Glory Fly!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Adam "Speaks!"

I am of The Human Race - Man
I am Created - Creature
I am Made of Dust - Dirty
I received God's Breath - Life
I communed with God - Worship
I received The Wife - Eve
I listened to God - Obedience
I worshiped God - Sabbath
I honored My Wife over God - Idolatry
I Ignored God's Law - Dishonor
I Sinned against My God - Disobedience
I Accused God of Giving Me Faulty Merchandise - Lying
I was Cursed by Almighty God - The Fall
I caused The Curse to Fall on Mankind - Separation from God
I must sweat - Work
I must cease to live - Die

But... God had Compassion

God sent His Only Son - Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ - Immanuel a/k/a God With Us
Jesus Christ is ...The Lamb
The Lamb is ... The Sacrifice
The Sacrifice ... Atones
Atonement came at ... The Cross
The Cross is a ... Bridge
The Bridge leads Me back to ... God
The Bridge is bathed in ... Blood
The Blood belongs to ... Immanuel
Immanuel's Blood ... Cleans
I repented of My Sin against The Eternal God for I desired to be ... Clean

I am The First Adam
I brought Death to All Mankind
Jesus Christ is The Second Adam
He brings Eternal Life to All Mankind by His Death
I brought Death to All Mankind by My Life
I accepted The Blood of The Sacrifice by Faith in God's Word


I Am Forgiven


I shall see My King!

My Children ...

Take heed to The Law of The Lord!
When God Speaks - Listen!
When you Listen - Hear!
When you Hear - Obey!

Disobedience - to God - is as Witchcraft!
Witchcraft - to God - is an Abomination!
Abominations - to God - are Destroyed.

Please do not walk right in your own eyes!
Your eyes are Blind!

Please do not present yourselves before God as did my first son, Cain!
Cain Disrespected and Disobeyed God, and his Person and Sacrifice were Denied by God!

His Disobedience led to Jealousy which led to Hatred which led to Murder which resulted in the Death of My Beloved Son, Abel.

The Innocent Died at The Hand of The Guilty, Unrepentant Sinner.

Please Remember my son, Abel, who typified The Coming Redeemer, Bridge, Sacrifice, Atonement, Savior!

Abel honored God in his Person - his Obedience -  and in his Offering of Sacrifice for Sin AND both He and His Sacrifice were found Acceptable, and were Accepted by God!

Abel did not Offer his own Righteousness to God.
Abel followed God's Prescription, and was made "Whole!"

My Children, Honor God in Your Person and in Your Practice!
Please God with the Produce of Your Prayers and Praise!
Worship God with a Beautiful Spirit, and in Holiness!

Children, You Are Not Your Own!
Redeem Your Time - Walk Worthy of Your High Calling!
God Gives to You Your Times!
Do as God Says!

Our God is Just!
Our God is Faithful!
Our God is Fair!
Our God has No Favorites!
Do Good and Good Will Attend You!

Seek God's Help in Mending All Your Evil Ways, and
Remember that Sin Always Costs for
Sin's Account Is Overdrawn and
It's Debt Can Never Be Repaid!

Give Heed To My Words!
I know of what I speak for
I, to Sin, Strayed and
I Disobeyed and, since Forever, Mankind Pays.

I Beseech You, Children
Obey Almighty God!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Walking By Faith!

I know not what The Day May Bring
But I know Who Brings The Day!
I know not if there'll be Suffering
But I do know The King!

I know not which Hand may Comfort me
But I know The Comforter!
I know not if I may Cry or Sing
But I do know The King!

I made no Pact with Satan
But I made The Covenant Of Peace with God!
I know not when The World may End
So I am just Praising The Lord!

Until My End, or The End, Comes, I am ...

Trusting in Almighty God for I've been
Washed in The Blood and
Covered by That Certain Hope which is
Steeped in The Blessed Word of Truth!

My Eyes are Fixed on Glory and I am
Walking by Faith on The Kings Highway where
I am Guarded by The Holy Angels
Comforted by The Holy Spirit and
Cared for by The King!

I am Singing The Songs of Zion while being a 
Watchman on The Wall and also
Giving heed to The Warnings In The Word and of
Those Few Faithful Stewards!

I am Sharing The Faith of Jesus and
Helping to Sound The Battle Cry and
Praying to God in 
The Matchless Holy Name of Jesus Christ
Forever Grateful for Grace and
Thankful for Mercy, and
Resting in Jesus' Peace, and 
Waiting Patiently for The Heavenly Call!

 Please ... Join Me!

How Can I - To The Lord - Say: "Thanks!?" + Prayer

I try to #DoSomethingForTheLordEveryDay
For every day He works does wonders for me
I don't even think about what I Receive
Or what He causes me to Achieve!

I open my Eyes - Sight!
I turn my Ear - Delight!
I sit on a Chair - No fear!
I put out a Foot - I Walk around!
I Sing a glad song and
Oft' dance along
To the rhythm that 
My steady Hands beat
Glad for the sound beating 
My Happy Heart does regular repeat!

How do I say: "Thanks!"
To The God of The Mountain
Maker of The Seas
Ruler of Heaven
Healer Helper
The Blessing to Me?

I bow my Heart
I close my Eyes
I "look" toward Heaven
And softly, I cry ...

Thank You, Dear Father
For The Blessings today
I thank You, I bless You
For The Store You prepare
If I had a choir of voices
I could not sing enough
Of Your Praise
And provision 
Of what is not stuff!
You give me My Being
You give me Your Love
You show me The Path to Mount Zion
You protect Me from McGruff
That Lying Old Serpent
Who is always sending Stuff
And Nonsense
And Nudges
And Winsome White Lies
That were it not for You, Lord
I would be beguiled!
Know, Lord, that I am Thankful for
I know that I am Blessed
Thanks for The Leading - All Sin I confess!
Keep me on Your Pathway
Sheltered by Your Light
Thou Giver of Abundance
Thou Healer of Strife!
And when My Day is over
Cradle me in The Long Night
And at Your Coming
Awake Me, I pray
To the Glorious Sounding 
Of Your Everlasting Day!

Until then, Father ...

Teach Me so that I may Teach Another
Bless Me so that I may Bless Another
Inspire me so that I may Inspire Another
And Use Me so that I won't Use or Abuse Another.
I love You, Lord!

Saturday, August 22, 2015


I am not into The Two Birds in The Bush Coming Prosperity!
I have settled for The Bird Already At Hand!
No Disrespect is intended - My Bird is named King Jesus
The Holy One, Immanuel, The Son of Man!

What Jesus Provides for Me is Sufficient!
What God Holds for Me is Enough!
What The Holy Spirit is Protecting
Is no Junk, Grandiose, and definitely Not Stuff 'n Fluff!

My God has Promised Me a Home in The Kingdom!
My Jesus' Life Guarantees Me The Over-comers Gold Crown!
The Holy Spirit Guarantees Me Faithful Companionship and Direction
A Walk to Perfection, Loving Guidance and a New Song!

So, what if I have to Suffer Deprivation?
So, what if I stub My Toe along The Way?
My Setbacks are neither Final nor Fatal
Because #ITrustAlmightyGod, I Pray, and Walk as He Says!

People, Don't Let The Bush Birds Fool You!
Those Birds are Forever Getting Away!
They are like The Carnival Birds - they are Weighted
Light or Heavy - they are Never For You Going To Pay!

There is No I.O.U. in God!

Jesus Paid it ALL!

And, Just Because ...

The Love Of God

A Pretty Face does not make one Beautiful and
A Certain Name can make one feel Shame, but
The Love of God is The Only Prescription
That Heals all that causes Human Pain!

Being Rich does not make one Wealthy and
Lacking Money does not mean one is Poor, but
Not knowing The Kind and Gentle Love of King Jesus
Is what makes Life on Earth a Burden, a Bother, a Bore  and a Chore!

Worldly Riches minus God equal Undesirable End
Rich Food without Heaven's Oil is as Dry Bread
Faith without Work is just as useful
As Teasing a Ravenous Lion and then Patting Him on His Toothy Hairy Head!

Loving The Lord Jesus does have its Man-made Downsides
Loving the Lord Jesus has Glorious Heavenly Eternal Perks
#StayingWithJesusForTheDistance - Resisting that Old Satan
Will lift one up to The Lord
Who Rules Over Heaven and its Attending Awe-inspiring Infinite Works!

Believe and Be Blessed!
God Fixes The Mess!
Field Your Request -
God Heals The Faithful Person's Distress!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Happy Sabbath + God Gave Me His Blessed Assurance + Prayer: Thank You, Lord

God Gave Me His Assurance
He said He'd always be Mine
My Heart is now Overflowing
Because He is Ever Loving, Faithful and Kind!

God Wrote Out For Me His Promise
He signed it in Jesus' Blood
He sends Me Showers of Blessings
Which flow ever like a rushing Great Flood!

God Gave Me His Assurance
That Sin has a waiting Just Fate
And if I walk in Christ's Righteousness
I won't Suffer The Bold Sinner's Fate!

I am to Do Good to All Men
I must Continually Pray and Give Praise
I must Trust in God's Goodness
And never His Holy Name denigrate!

I Trust in God's Blessed Assurance
And I took Me The Great Plunge
Into The Watery Grave of Baptism
And I Emerged Thoroughly Cleansed by The Blood!

Holy Spirit has Taken Up Residence
And is Guarding My Heart's Gate
I now walk Me in The Right Way
For with Heaven I have a Going Into The House Date!

Thank You, Lord, for Hearing
Thank You, Lord, for Healing
Thank You, Lord, for The Helping Hand
That is Guiding my footsteps to My New Home
On The Holy Hill of Zion
Where Peace and Rest are Declared
Where Love and Life are Eternal
Where Fear and Night cannot appear
Where Death and Hell have no standing
Where The Holy God is Commanding
And You are in My Eyesight clear.