Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Gallimaufry Christianity!

The Bright Light Church Is Spectacular and Blazing Bright!
The Comfy Seats Hold All-Size Bums Nice and Tight!
The Sanctuary Choir Is Quite A Gymnast's Delight!
The Dance Troupe Puts On A Spectacle 
Worthy Of A Heavy-weight Prize Fight!
The Preaching Makes All Bold Sinners Feel Alright In God's Sight
The Offering Plates Would Give A Giant A Goady Not Light!

On Any Given Monday
The Teaching Is About You!
On Any Given Tuesday
The Teaching Is About You, Too!
On Any Given Wednesday
The Teaching Is About Loving You Times Two!
Every Other Thursday
The Teaching Is On You and Your Boo Loving You!
Don't Forget That This Coming Friday
The Teaching Is About Fabulously Feeding 
You, You and All The Rest Of Some Of You, You!

Now ... 
Saturdays Are Special
For Everybody Is Off Work
And There Is A Morning Class In Hospitality
Teaching How Christians Can Holy Twerk
Don't Forget Yourself
And Behave Like A Jerk
If You See Any Naughty Bits Pretty, Pretty Perk!

Let Me Stop Here And Advise You
That This Is All About 
Love And Inclusion
All And Sundry
Giving Them A Place To Know
That God Thinks Them Well 
Their Designed Life - No Matter How Lived -
- By God
In God
Through God
For God -
Blissfully Delightfully Fine!

All Sermons Are Of On And About God's Love!
All Offerings Are Love!
All Wrong-Doing Is Swept Under
The Hand-tied
Hand Painted
Love Rug
Near The High Altar's
Right Side
In The Old Testament
The Ark Of The Covenant
Had A Mercy Seat
Where The Left Angel's Illumination Meant 
"No!" or "Punishment!"
The Right Angel's Illumination Meant
"Yes!" or "Life's A Blessed Treat!"

Now ... The Investors In The Business Of
The Beautiful Bright Light Mega-Church
Are Really Truly Bright
For They Have Taken The Best Of
The Teachings Of Myriad Religions
Crafted For Themselves
Illuminated Preachings
Designed To Obscure
Jesus Christ's Divine Holy Light!

The Bright Ones Are Forthright!
Their Words Of Truth Are Colored To Please
Their Words Of Wisdom Are Such 
That Would Give Short Fat Fleas
Round and Nice Bendable Knees!

Within This Lit Bright Man-Crafted Mixed-Mystery Tradition
It Is Totally Not Irrelevant What You Personally Believe!
You Come To That Light
Because Your Life Is As Night
Bright Illumination Provides
Holy-Man Insight 
To Fight Against 
Inconvenient Truths
About Situation and Self
That Frighten and Benight 
True Personal Prosperous Growth Blight!

  • Rule ONE: Help Self Then - Maybe - Another!
  • Rule TWO: One Of Anything For Self Is Good BUT Two For Self Are Always Better!
  • Rule THREE: In All Disputes RULE ONE Applies!
  • Rule FOUR: In Charity Work, Make Sure RULE TWO Is Activated BEFORE Gifting!

Now, Strangely Enough ...

When The Giving Band Is On 
The Altar Of Praise
Humbly Requesting Donations
To Feed Clothe
Widow, Orphans and
Those Who Are Slightly Crazed
Much Is Made Of King Jesus
And What He Would Do
BUT ...
Without Missing A Beat
Before Taking Their Seats
The Giving Band
Rules ONE, TWO and FOUR
Charity Begins At Home
Joyously Shouts: "Self-Denial Is NOT A Hunger Cure!"

Unsurprisingly ...

The Holy Book Is As Custom Made
For Selfishness Is A Virtue
Self-Denial - To Them
IS The Card Overplayed
By Those Old-Fashioned Christians
Of Christendom's Former Glory Days
As Far As The Brightly Lit Are Concerned
Are Passe
De Trop
Which Is Why Old-World Christianity
A Total Flop
They Have Set It Aside 
Have Embraced It Not!

Self IS The Worship Band!
Feelings Are Fuel and Myriad As Sand!
Jesus IS An Off-Ramp Upon Which Vacationers Stand
Hope For Eternal Glory
IS - If You Are Lucky -
Where A Fleeting Thought May Land!

Repentance IS Perfume!
Confession IS A Hot Tune!
Live As You Like IS Always Right
For God Loves You
You Are Good As You Are Doing 
In His Heavenly Eye-Sight!

In The Great Getting-Up Morning 
Hell's Maw Will Be 
When The People Deceived
Will Yell, Cry, Sneeze and Wheeze:

For Gallimaufry Christianity
IS Really All Mish-Mash Sleaze
Compliments Of King Fraud
Master Of All That IS Sin
The Death-Dealing Eternal Disease!