Friday, January 1, 2016

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016 ... In Jesus Christ's Blessed and Holy Name!

We May Cry ... About Life!
We Can Lie ... About Truth!
We Can Spy ... Out The Financial Landscape!
We May Ply ... Our Selves With "Comfort" Food!
We Can Reply ... To The Holy Spirit's Call!
We Can Deny ... The Liar!
We Can Edify ... Others!
We Can Beautify ... The Inner Self!
We Can Die ... To Will and Wayward Self
Place "Our Own Way" On The Burning Back Shelf!

We Can Commit To The Creator
The Maker Of Man
Our Day Of Decision
Hold King Jesus' Hand
To Be Led By The Shepherd
To The Fold Of His Sheep
So That In The Dark Day
Our Rest May Be Sweet!

Happy May Your Days Be
Of This Brand New Year!
The Number May Change
The Days Roll The Same
Don't Get Caught Up 
In Resolutions' Resolve
Get Tied Up In Faith
And Covered In Prayer as With Cloth!

Don't Be A Sloth!
Don't Be A Bear!
Be Nice To Your Brother Sister
Tell All That Jesus Cares
For The Rich and The Poor
The Young and The Old
The Red, The Yellow, The Black and The White
All - To Jesus - Is As Pure Gold!

Don't Minimize Your Faults!
Don't Magnify Your Shame!
Don't Blame All Your Errors 
On Others With Whom You Played The Game!

Your Life IS Your Life!
Win! Lose! Stand! Fall!

Take Your Soul and Sorrows To King Jesus, and
He'll Guide You Through The Strife
On To Eternal Life!

Trust In God -
Not Money Nor Men!
Trust The True Savior
Who Liberally Blesses and
Gives To All Men!

Dear Ones - My Dear Lovelies!
God's Blessing Be Upon You
For Health and Provision
And For Growth In Your Spirit, Too!

Be A Child To The Father!
Walk Not In Your Own Way!
Go To Your Father - He Loves You
Shows It In Myriad Ways!

Reach Out To Our Savior
Our Friend To The End
Walk On In Faithfulness and
Let No Earthly Disappointment
Your Faith In Jesus Christ Suspend!

Look ... With Your Heart
Hear ... With Your Eyes
See ... With The Touch Of  Kindness, and
Dismiss Satan and his Vile Lies!

The Lord In Zion Reigneth

So ... Let Your Heart Rejoice!


 ** FEAR NOT!! **