Friday, January 1, 2016

HAPPY SABBATH! + PRAYER: Lord, Please Bridle My Tongue!

Lord, I Need Inner Resources
When I Feel Put-upon
When The World is Ruffling My Feathers
When Evil is Grinding My Small Toes
And Everywhere I Turn Is A New Foe!

Lord, I Do Not Want To Be The Complainer
But You Are My Lord and My God
So I Am Making Petition
Against My Mortal Enemy, King Fraud!

Please Help Me, Father
For I Am Listing and
Almost Ready To Turn My Flesh Loose
And Ask You To Grant Me Five Minutes
To Tell One or Two People Some Home Truths
Your Charge To Me
Is to Maintain
A Quiet and Gentle Spirit Always
So I - of Carnal Mind - am Begging You, Lord
Please Do Not Let Me Send The Holy Spirit On
The Proverbial Roman Holiday!

I Love You, Lord, and I Bless You
For Your Constant Blessing on Me!
I am Grateful, Lord, and I am Happy To Know
That You Won't Reject Me When
 I Descend Into A Momentary Round of Folly!

My Actions, Lord, are not Deliberate!
It is just that Turning My Cheek 
Is Really Getting Old
Because I Desire To Have You as King of My Soul
I am Beseeching, Lord
Please, Won't You of This Poor Life Take Control?!