Monday, January 4, 2016

Onion Heart!

The Thoughts of The Heart of Man Are Evil Continually!
The Tongue Can't Be Tamed!
Jesus Saves!
The Old Man Must Die!
Confess and Repent 
We Will Never Fly!

I Met Me The Onion!
His Name is Man's Heart
He Had Quite an Aroma
And He Could Make Dry Eyes Tearful Spark!

The Onion had a Red Orange Brown Shiny Thick Thin Skin
That One had To Cut Peel Off
Before One Could Taste What Was Within!

Strange, Though, Is The Onion!
He Has Complex Parts and
To Remove The World From That Onion
One Has To Quite Tear Him Apart!

The Onion Had a Butt Root
Hard to Remove - it Has Spider Vein Root Arms
That as Long As It Is Attached
Gives Onion A Growing Hand
And as Long as THAT is Attached
Onion Head has a Potential Nose for Atmospheric Rain
Which, In The Right Conditions
And Proximity to Acquaintances,  Family and  Friends
Will Cause The Onion to Stay Firm,  Grow, or Rot
But ... It All Depends
On Storage,  and Preservation Possibilities
And Even Decisions Made for Use!

Bottom Line is to Make Good Use of The Onion
Butt Root and Nose Must with Sharp Knife be Removed!

The Onion Hates That!

With Anchor and Sail Gone
The Paper Wax Seal Skin can
In Layers 
Be Removed In Complex Operation
Requiring Light Deft Hands and 
A Willingness to 
Let The Onion Show It's True Hand!

Of Note,  though, Is That On The Onion
Between Skin of World Protection and 
Vulnerable Flesh 
To Pickle
To Cut Up
Eat Raw
Salty or Sweet
Is a Very Thin Membrane
That The One Working Must Valiantly Breach
Else The Onion Has The Memory Texture of The Slime Pit!
A Brain Has Feet!

Now, With The Arrival At The Good Part
Suitable For Use
The Spirit As The Knife-Cook
With Permission
Will Make The Right Cut
Knowing Quite Well
That The Onion Will Unalterably Change
Even As It Causes Its Purchaser 
Handler Preserver's Eyes to Burn and Tears Rain!

But ... Through Perseverance
Through The Need To Lift The Onion to Heights High
The Knife of The Spirit Cuts
The Onion Dies to The Cook's Passion Satisfy:

Rough Cut!

Size Does Not Matter -
Just Suitability for The Cause!
The Onion In The Service
Makes Music For The Lord
Let's Not Forget
That The Onion
In The Careless Hand
Causes The Whole House to Stink ... A Lot!

So, All of The Heart Onions
Who Have The Innate Ability To Choose
Choose Wisely and Quickly
To Be Made of Good Use!

Don't Worry About Where You Are Going 
When in The Hands of The One Vigilant
Trust to Him Wholly
Stay Away from That Wasteful Scamp!

Be Willing 
To Be Used Of
For Him
Who Fits The Onion
His Purpose
For He Knows The Make Up
Of Every Onion
It's Root
The Stock Stored and
Where It Will Branch!

A Heart
- Like An Onion -
Serves A Good Purpose
It Is Put To
 Right and Proper Use!