Saturday, January 23, 2016

PRAYER: Have Mercy On Your Church, Lord!

Oh, Lord
I Pray for Your Church
That She Will Not Play The Harlot
Seeking After The World's Costly Array!
I Pray for Her, Father
That She Will Walk Holy
Not With Known Sin and Its Degradations Play!

I Pray, Lord
For The Leaders of Your Church
That They Will Boldly Speak Your Truth
No Matter What The Monied Ones Declare!
I Pray That They Will Walk As Those Holy
Have No Regrets At The Coming Great Day!

I Pray, Lord
For The Individual Christian Believer
The Learned, The Unlettered, and The Self-Taught!
I Pray, Lord
That You Will Give To These Faithful
Clear Eyes, and Clean Hearts
Unburdened By What Others Have When They Do Not!

I Pray for Myself
Dear Father
Asking You To Grant This Desire of My Heart!
Grant Me Eyes and Ears
That Only Your Truth
They Will See and Hear
The Living Love of My Master
That I Will With The Brethren Faithfully, Daily, Share!

Oh, Lord
Have Mercy On Us
Bless Us All According To Your Sovereign Will For Each Life!
In Jesus' Holy Name I Plead.