Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Land Of The Story: Truth vs. Lie!

In The Land Of The Story You Tell Your Side and

I Tell My Side!
BUT ... Who Will Tell The Truth?

In The Land Of The Story You Will Make You Look Good!
I Will Make Me Look Good!
BUT ... Who Will Make Truth Look Good?

In The Land Of The Story
You Will Lie a Little!
You Will Say I Lie A Lot!
I Will Lie a Little!
I Will Say You Lie A Lot!
BUT ... Who Will Say Truth Lies Not?

My Story = The Mystery!

History = Winner's Tale!
Your Story = Drama Unfolds!

Truth = The Real Story
God's Holy Stamp Bears!

The Truth Is Not The Dare
Is Good for The Riven Soul!

The Truth Is The Truth
As Truth Herself Will Declare!
It Needs No Color
It Needs No Spin
Such As That Which Valiantly Comes
The Liar's Comfy Old Rocking Chair!


Look Around!

Turn Around!
Truth Is Life -
Simple Yet Profound!
Don't Be Foolish!
Don't Act The Clown!
Truth Has The Knife's Edge
It Cuts Cleans
Keeps The Soul Sound!