Monday, February 29, 2016

Problems Don't Need Praise! + PRAYER: Father, Please Forgive Me ...

I Had a Big Problem
And Only A Little Praise!

Something Was Very Wrong
I Am A Bible-Believing Christian
My Poor Soul Was Cast Down!

I Paused ... 
And Then ... In My Mind
The Tape Was Rewound
My Problem 
My Praise Were 
Turned Around!

It Was At That Point  
That I Realized
That The Real Problem
My Faithless Attitude!
I Give The Problems Power
I Give Unto My God Refuse!


I Am Sorry!
I Have Acted The Part Of The Fool!
I Have Behaved As Though You Are Not Here
And, Therefore
Are No God
I Have Paid The Fool's Price
For Falling For The Wicked Satan's Demonic Device!

Please Forgive Me!

By Your Grace, Lord
I Won't Ever Make That Mistake Again
In The Instant That I Recognized That
You Have The Power
And, That
You ARE The Power
My Problems Immediately Lost Stature, and
Went Down 
In Bright Brilliant Flames!

Thank You, Lord
For Healing My Blind Eyes
For Blessing Me With True Sight!

In Your Mercy, Lord
Please Make Me Wise Unto Salvation -
The Salvation Of My Very Soul!

I Love You, My Father!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Pencil

By Nature
Your Pencil Is a Working Writer!
It is Made of Wood Encasing Black Lead!

When You First Received It - Unsharpened
It Had No Head!

In The Old Days
One Took a Sharp Knife
And Whittled The Encasing Wood
And When Enough Wood
Had Been Removed
A Stubby Blunt Lead Head
Exposed Stood!

The Job Is Not Finished!
Stubby Lead Writes Fat and Cloudy
Leaving Unsightly Marks

So ...

Back With The Sharp Knife
A Gentle Hand
The Excess Lead Away
Until Sharp Point
Comes Out To Write Play!

Time Passes
And ... Accidents Do Happen!
Sometimes Deliberately
Pencil's Lead Point Breaks
Below The Wood - That Requires Pencil Surgery

BUT ...

Now and Then
A Particular Pencil Has Worked Hard
Been Constantly Sharpened
And Has Been Written Down To A Nub
As Was Then Often Heard:

"My Favorite Pencil!

Stub Though You Are
I Can't Throw You Away!
Let Me Put You Away Safe!
You Worked Hard, and
Your Eraser Cleaned Clean
So Into My Tin Case Of Remembrance You Go!
Rest Easy!
Of A Time You Will Be By All Seen!"

What About That Other Long Pencil?!

It's Pretty
BUT ... 
Sharpened Point Often Breaks!

It Is Soon Discovered
That That Pencil Is A Non-Working Writing Fake!

He Looked Like A Pencil!
He Smelled of Black Lead!
BUT ...
He Proved An Impostor!
He Couldn't Keep The Point -
He Wouldn't Keep The Sharp Writing Head!
He'd Break When He Was Sharpened!
He'd Break Under Pressure Of Doing The Task
If You Ask Me
He'd Break Every Time
Work Was Shared Passed, and
He Was Called Upon To Diligently Perform Some Specific Task!

Thus ...

The Boss Is Disapproving!
He Has No Use For Masquerade!
Do The Task To Which You've Been Appointed
And For Which You've Accepted The Commission
Having Disqualified Your Self
By Non-Compliance
By Non-Performance
Get Cast Out -
With The Rubbish
Thrown Away! 

Be A Pencil


Don't Be The Fish and

Do As You're Called
Acquire The Harp

Else Wise
You'll Be Thrown Into
Outer Dark!


What Are We 
Showing Ourselves 
To Be?

Are We Working Pencils


Saturday, February 27, 2016


He doesn't believe in The Savior!
He doesn't believe in The Holy God!
He doesn't believe in The Judgment
BUT ...


He reverences and honors The Dying God King Fraud!

His life is all about Pleasure!
Acquisition is his favorite Game!
When he went - at Death's Door - into The Hospital
You wouldn't believe which God he Avidly Claimed?!

"Lord Jesus
Have Mercy upon me!
Lord God Almighty
Please take away this godawful pain
And Save Me!
I know that I denied You up to yesterday
Forgive Me, Lord
And Heal Me
And I will change and forever serve You! I Swear!
Truth to tell,  Lord
I desperately need You and
I don't care if the people say that I don't have any shame!"

Thus, it is
More Often than Not
With Those who have No Need for 
The Best Friend 
The Savior
The Redeemer
The Faithful True Shepherd
The Great Physician
The Holy Eternal God
The Rock Of All Ages
Our Peace
Our Blessed Hope
King Jesus!

Our God is Not Man!
Our God calls and helps us while He can!
That Is ...
Until The Measure of Our Cup is Filled
And The Word goes out:

"Leave Him Alone!"
Hosea 4:17

And Satan and His Minions
Take Him Completely in 
Destruction's "Comfortable" Hands!
Hosea 5:14; 13:1

My Brothers, and
My Sisters
God IS NOT The Man-Made Mock Stick
Passed Around By Small Hands in The Children's Game!

Almighty God IS Holy!
Almighty God's Will IS Sovereign
He doesn't Willingly Afflict 
The Man in Self-made Chains!

To Use an Old Saying
From when I was a Child:

God calls ... Softly
Again and Again!
When You get More Own-way
God Will up His "Game!" :

A Pebble Rattling on Your Glass Window
Followed by A Rock
Then The Brick
Which Bre'k Out The Whole Window
And You Done Drop With The Shock!

Better To Answer The Small Voice
Even The Pebble on The Glass
Even The Rock that Bre'k The Pane of Glass 
Than That Brick that Bre'k Out The Whole Window
And Mash Up Your Old Flask!

Stop Following The Multitude
Doing Evil, and
Spinning on The Stolen Dime!
Pull Yourself Together
Your Old Friends
Will be Hearing You
Cry, Holler and Whine!

God IS Not A Convenience!
God Has Feelings, Too, and
Feelings For Me and For You!
Difference Is 
God's Feelings Are Holy 
Compassionate, and 
We Would have Long Been Removed 
From Breathing Human View! 

Man Cannot Fool
The Eternal God - His Maker


False Conversions Can't Last!


A Benefit a/k/a Blessing 
Without Our Follow-up
Corresponding PROMISED
Show Of Thankfulness
And Repentance
Past Sins and Misdeeds
Will Return Upon Our Heads
In A Dreadful Manner
Because Of Our Own Words!

Almighty God 
Keeps His Holy Word:

The Wages Of Sin IS Death! 


Answer God 
As and When He Calls!

He Really Loves
Wants Us
Desires To Save Us
Above All Else!!

The Believing Christian's Unique Position!

A Believing Christian Is In An Unique Position
When He Desires His Holy God 
To Act In His Behalf!

Let Me Explain:

Take As A For Instance - ILLNESS!

Believing Christian Makes His First Move:

"Father, I Am Ill!
I Can Do Nothing To Heal or Help Myself!
You Are My Helper
My Healer
My Savior
My Sealer
Have Mercy On Me!"


Believing Christian Realizes ... Something
From Having Read 
God's Holy Word


... Not Wanting To Ask God Anything Amiss ...

"Heal Me, Lord!
... According To Your Will
In Your Way
In Jesus Christ's Holy Name I Plead!"


He Thinks, Yet Again
Of The Holy Word's Word
And Says ... With Mustard Seed Faith ...

"Lord, Heal Me!
I Know You Can Heal Me
And Even If You Don't
I Shall Still Love And Honor 
Worship You!"


From His Storehouse Of The Holy Word
His Faithful Heart Says ...

"I Want To Be Healed
Though You Slay Me, Lord
Yet and Still ... I Will Trust You!"

All Through This Time
Believing Christian Thinks Of The Many
Who Heard The Words:

"Take Up Thy Bed And ... WALK!"

"Thy Faith Has Made Thee Whole!"

"Be Ye Healed!"

"Go Thy Way! It Is Done As Thou Asked!"

"Go! And Sin No More!"

AND, His Heart SINGS ...

"I Know That My Redeemer Liveth
And That He Shall Stand
At The Latter Day
(That Final Day)
Upon This Very Earth
(Where I Stand)
And Though Worms Destroy 
My Mortal Corruptible Body
Yet ... In This Flesh 
(My Very Own Flesh)
And With My Own Eyes
(Not Those Of Another)
I Shall See My God
(Face To Faith)!"

AND ...

His Faith Is Made Strong
Even Though His Answer
Received From The Eternal God

"My Grace
For Thee!"

His Body
Not Whole
His Heart 
Full ... and Overflowing!

AND ...

 He Is At Peace 
In His Rest(ing) 
In His Eternal Holy God!

The Believing Christian's 
Is An Unique One!

Friday, February 26, 2016

HAPPY SABBATH + Traitor To "The Cause?!"

When Did I Betray You?

How Did I Betray You?

You Have Got To Be Insane!!

I Used To Be Just Like You!
I Was Chained, But
Now, I Am Changed!

Just Because We Are Family
It Does Not Mean I Will Lie For You!

Just Because We Are Church Family
It Does Not Mean I Will Cover Up The Wrongs You Do!

Just Because We Are Best Friends
It Does Not Mean I Pick Up Your Fire-Rage!

Just Because I Work For You
It Does Not Mean That Use Of My Conscience
Is Included In My Wage!

Just Because We Belong To The Same Group
It Does Not Mean I'm Lying Down In Your Grave With You!

Do Not Get Me Wrong!
I Love You
We Do Not Share A Soul
Nor A Mind!

Your Conscience May Be Dead - Not Mine!

I Am Walking The Straight and Narrow
I Have To Give God An Account Of My Time
And I Will Be Damned ...

YES!  I Said Damned
- And I Mean It Literally -
If I Am Going To Lie
On My Conscience
To Keep Your Friendship or
Business or
Familial Association!

I Am Not Using No Twenty-five Cent Phrase!

I Am Speaking God's Honest Truth!

Family,  Friend,  Mother,  Father
Brother,  Sister,  Teacher,  Preacher
Prime Minister or King
I Do NOT Give A Rat's Well Who You Are!
If You're Wrong
And I Am Going To Tell You That You Are Wrong!

Call Me Traitor!
Disown Me!
Dismiss Me!
Block My Bank Account!
Close My Credit Card!
Repossess My Car!
Repossess My House, and
Even Take Back
The Non-Pet Mouse!

Liar Crook
Deceitful Dishonest 
Dishonorable Cheat
Don't Try To Put Me On Your Hook!

Jesus Is My Captain!
He Runs A Tight Ship!
I Believe In
Love and Trust Him
And I Intend To Go Home and Live With Him!

So ...

If You Want My Custom
My Friendship
My Companionship
And Want Me To Share A Meal With You
Buy A Clue
Hook Up With The Truth Shepherd
Confess ... And Repent
And He Will Walk With You, Too!

Go Get Yourself A Job
And Work Out Your Own Soul's Salvation!
I Am Working On My Own
And I Can't Share The Benefits I Receive With You!

Walking With Jesus Christ
An All Or Nothing 
24/7 Proposition!

Walk Straight ... Even If You Walk Alone
Expect Rabid Opposition!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

GOD'S JUSTICE & MERCY: Calls For Confession & Repentance

Truth to Tell - I was in a Bit of a Pickle
I Committed Sin
I was Headed for Hell
No "If..."
No "And..."
No "But ..."
My Life was Straight-Up
Living in Duck's Guts!

God Has Very Specific Sentencing Guidelines:

You Sin! - You Die!

I Didn't Know How
To Extricate Myself!
I Knew - For A Fact
That I was Going To Die
For The God of Heaven
Does Not Cannot Tell Lies!

I Tried To See If
I Could Give God A Little "Berry!"

You Know:

A Little Quid Pro Quo
(Something for Something)

I Should have Known Better
That This God Was The God Of The Letter
And That His Answer Would Be To Me A Plain:


I Had Been Around Town
A Time or Two
And So I Knew One or Two People, Too!
I Explained My Plight
I Even Got Into A Fight
I Found Myself Facing 

I Don't Know
From Whence The Thought Came
But I Uttered A Prayer
Learned From Me Old Gran' Mummy:

"Lord, I Know You Up There
I'm Living In Sin Down Here
Have Mercy - Send Me Some
Even If It's Worth 
Only An Old Bent Penny!"

Now, If I Remember True
Old Gran' Always Tell Trut'
And I Know That She Never Led Me Astray!

I Chose My Own Lot
And Look At What I Got
A Runny Nose
And A Stomach Full of Leaden 
Butterfly Knots!

Talk To Me!
I'm Finally Ready To Listen -
Hear My Plea!
I Have Nothing Else To Lose
No One Else To Whom I May Turn!
My Ball Ran Out of String
My Bees Lack Honey -
All They Have Left Is Bare Sting
And My Mind Is A Whirl
And Even My Hair
Straight and Curly Got Tight-up Curls!

People Must Understand 
That My Situation Was Desperate
And I Would Have Done Anything
To Get The God To Cooperate
Almighty God That He Is
Was Having None Of My Fizz!
He Wanted Me
He Was Finally Getting Me -
I Was Down On My Knees!

Now That I Had God's Attention
God Had My Full Attention
God's Truth Came Flooding Into My Soul:

God Is The God Of Justice!
God's Justice Demands Payment For Sin!
Sin Is The Transgression Of God's Law!
God Is The God Of Mercy!
(Sparing Me From Receiving What I Deserve!!)

God's Only Beloved Begotten Son Died ... TO PAY
For My Sin ...!
God's Mercy Gives Me Grace!
(Gifting Me With What I Don't Deserve!)

God Loves Me - A Raw-Mouthed Sinner!
(The Stench and Mark Of Sin Are Upon Me)

God Hates Sin!
(The Line That Separates The Holy and The Human!
(The Thing That Makes Us Profane!)

AND ...

All I Need To Do
To Be Accepted Into Fellowship With The Living God
To Confess My Sin
To Repent For Having Committed My Sin 
To A Change Of 


I am Sorry!
I am Sorry For What I Did Today Yesterday!
I am Sorry for The Way I Walked
For My Associating With The Bad Company
With Whom I Happily Played!

I Repent of The Past
My Actions
My Words
My Deeds
And, Lord
If You Would Please Heal Me
I Will Serve You
In Whatever Capacity You Need Me!
Make Me Anew
I am Beseeching You, Lord
Clean Me

I am Through Talking "I Love You!"
I am Through Walking "The Modern Christian" Way
I am Ready, Lord
To Walk In The Way Of Christ
I am Now Really, Really, Listening To You!

Preserve My Soul, Lord
I am - Finally - Truly - Honestly -
With Your Constant Help
Denying All Associations 
With King Fraud!

Lord God Almighty,
I Am Yours
By Your Grace
In Jesus' Faith
I Know I Will Fly 
At The End
If I Endure To The End
With King Jesus
All The Redeemed Ones
Up Above The Clouds
To Dwell You On High!

I Love You, Lord
Forgive and Bless
In Jesus' Holy Name I Plead