Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Gift for Jesus!

I wanted to give Jesus a Present
I had no money in the Bank!
I really wanted to give Jesus something lovely
All my finances well and truly really stank!

I thought I would write Him some poetry
Not very original
For it had been done better before!
I thought I would write Him some music
I had no clue how to write a music score!

I thought I would invite Him to dinner and
I would cook Him a beautiful Gourmet Meal
That is when I realized
That all I had in the cupboard was Oatmeal!

I thought I would tell Him A Great Story
Of the Pilgrim Progressing in The Way
That is when I realized
That plagiarism just does not pay!

By now,  My Heart was Despairing
And that is when I heard 
The quietly loud knocking at my front door!
I opened
There in my beholding

Was The Very King
For whom I wanted to get a beautiful present
For whom I had nothing to show!

Dear Jesus!
My Jesus!
I want to give You a Present
A Present with "Thanks!" from the bottom of My Heart
I have no money with which to buy it
My Heart Is Quite Tearing Apart!

Master,  the only thing that I own in this World Outright
Is My Heart
It is battered,  bruised,  torn, deceitful,  fickle
Fit only for Hell
I don't want to give You something
That is lacking fill and is just empty shell!

My Child
Your Heart is 
The Gift That I most cherish
When given freely
And not given and then wanted back!
I will make a New Heart for You!
Follow Me - No matter what the World will do!
I love You, Dearest!
I will take care of You If You Do!

Gifts that cost money
Don't really mean much
When they are not accompanied with
A repentant,  Sorry-for-Sin Heart!
So, give Me the broken pieces of Your Heart today, now
And,  soon
In My Mansion of Rest
You'll Eternally stay!"

Not long thereafter
I awoke one bright morning
I noticed a different beating of My Heart!
My Heart was Happy
My Soul Refreshed
For I was In Jesus
I could happily sing
I Had Received The Promised New Heart from
Jesus Christ 
My Forever Hallelujah King!


The GIFT of One's Heart



Returns To The Giver

Untold Blessings!