Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Promise-Keeping God!

A Beloved Brother Ended a Message to Me Recently With These Words:

"And God is still Working On US...!!"

I Responded with:

"And He has Promised to Finish What He Has Started! ... And He IS The God of The Kept, Sealed and Settled Word! ... And He IS Our Almighty God! ... And,  By His Grace,  and With His Mercy,  We Shall Stay The Course,  and Arrive Safely Home!
I Like How This God Rolls!!"

In These Few Words Is The Sermon of The Ages!

The Promise-Keeping God 
Provides Grace - Unmerited  Favor - To Us

Seasoned With His Mercy


His Love Loves Us 
Despite Our Great Shame


His Word - Character -
Is Perfect!

He Will "Do The Do"
As He Hath Promised
To Me and To You

SO ...

Do Not Let Satan Rob You
Of What God Has Promised You!


Hear The Promise!

Believe The Promise!

Hold The Promise!

Live In Anticipation of Receiving The Promise!


At The Appointed Time


In The Stipulated Place

We Will Hold Out Our Hands


Bow Our Heads


Receipt and Acceptance


The Fulfillment of The Promise!


May God Grant Us All 
The Blessing of Peace 
As We Walk Holy
Wholly Faithful
Up Toward 
The Kingdom Of His Light!