Thursday, March 24, 2016

All In The Marriage

I Saw The Saying Above, and 
I Was Seriously Enamored
It Immediately Sent My Thoughts Scurrying 
To Jesus Christ and The Church!

Jesus Christ Gave His Life For The Church!
The Church Is Called His Bride.
Their Relationship Is, Obviously, A Marriage
For A Bride Must Have A Bridegroom, and 
To Have A Marriage
There Must Be A Contract To Hold and To Love!

For Love To Last
There Must Be Give and Take!
For The Marriage To Last
There Must Be Agreement 
Never To Put The Relationship At Stake!

Somebody Must Provide For Sustenance!
Somebody Has To Eat What Is Therein Provided!
Shelter Must Be Adequate For The Needs
For The Union 
Will Increase With Communion!


A Marriage Between The Eternal God, and 
The Finite Human 
Comes With Some Singularly Unique Problems:

God Is Faithful - We Are Not!
God Is Eternal - We Are Not!
God Is Love - We Are Not!
God Cares For Us - We Care Not A Jot!
God Teaches Us - We Don't Learn!
God Talks To Us - We Hear But Don't Listen!
God Chastises Us - We Don't Take Heed!
God Heals Our Diseases - We "Get Sick" With Something Else Sometimes Him To Test!

We Are Never On-time - God Is Never Late!
We Are Never Contented - God Provides An Healthy Buffet!
We Are Ever In Turmoil - God Is Our Peace!
We Are Always Burdened - God Is Our Relief!

God Is Our Shepherd - Would That We Behaved Like Real Sheep!
God Leads In Green Pastures - Would That We Wouldn't The Fence Leap!
God Is Our Righteousness - Would That We Would Not Go After The Liar-In-Chief!
God Restores Our Riven Souls - Would That We Would Make His Our Sole Soul's Goal!

On Our Own
We Are Dead!
With God Leading
We Are Daily Fed!

With God Guiding
We May Safely Rest!
With Him Guarding
We Will Past Life's Test!

Humans In Marriage
May Annoy Each Special Other!
In The Marriage With God
Peace and Rest From Him To The Blessed Other
Is Assured For 
We Cannot Ever Ruffle His Feathers!!

God Expects Our Bad Behavior
So - In Advance -
He Provided Our Souls' Savior!

Sooo ...