Saturday, March 12, 2016

Crying Foul!

Why Do Humans Always Cry:
"Fowl! Foul!"
When Their Goose Gets Picked?

Mother,  Your Daughter Cutting Class!

Not True!
She Left Home For School On Time!
She's A Good Girl!

Mother,  Your Son Ain't Acting Right 
And He's Doing Some Things That Will Get Him In Trouble!
Right Now He In A Street Fight!

Not My Son!
He's A Good Boy! 
He Don't Never Even Raise His Voice In The House!


Where You Get All These Expensive Clothes From?!

Aren't They Lovely, Mum?!  
Mary-Beth's Dad Took Us Shopping!

Three Months Later ...

How You Get Pregnant When You Ain't Got No Boyfriend?!

Well, Ahmmm
Welllll, You See ...
Muuum, Mary-Beth, uhh, Jane's Father ...!

My Son!
Not My Son!
How He Get Dead?!

Sis, He Hung Himself!

My Son?!

Ma'am, He Held Up A Liquor Store 
And The Security Guard Shot Him Dead!


Suicidal Homicidal Children
Looking For Parental Love
Parents In Denial
Looking For Their Own Happiness
And, Sometimes
Even For A Lil' Grub!

Mother's In Denial
Father's Tempting Fate
Children Are Emotionally
Physically Hungry
And Are Loose
Outside Safety's Locked Gate

The Children Never Hear: "No!"
The Parents Always Say: "Yes!"
So Now
There's Nothing To Save The Children
Not Even Bullet Proof Vests!

AND,  Then ...

Why Me?
Why My Child?
Why Did It Have To Happen To Them!?!

Now Daddy 
Now Mommy, Too
Want To Lie Down And Die
For Having Neglected Duty
For Abrogating Responsibility
Preferring Private Personal "Me Time!"
To Parenting Responsibly!

Children Are A Blessing
A Gift From The Holy God

BUT ...

BUT ... Satan
Lying Satan
Perpetrator Of Innumerable Frauds
Has Convinced All ...  And Sundry
That "To Thine Own Self Be True!"
Means Responsibility Is An Inconvenience
"Do What Thou Wilt!"
Is The Guide For Living 
The Successful Life
The Fulfilled Life
The Life That Self Built!

BUT ...

Like All Things In This Life
Runaway Chicken Always Comes Home To Roost
And The Food That Caused Yuh Sweet Mout'
Often Burns In The Waste Coming Out!

Just As God Teaches And Chastises His Children
Who Are Not Bastards
But Are Of The Blood
We Parents Must Lead By Good Example
Anchoring Our Children
In The Good Book Of God's Love!

Children And Parents Cannot Be Best Buds
Doing Their Own Thing Together Apart!
Parents Must Remember To
"Bend The Tree While It Is Still Supple!"
Or End Up Hollering
"Where Is Almighty God?!"
When Their Children Get Into Real Trouble!

A Self-Centered Life
Always Ends

 In Self-Made Disaster!