Monday, March 21, 2016

Greedy Grunts Get Gain!

If Life Gives Me A Candy
And I Drop On The Ground
It Picks Up Extraneous Matter
And Eating It Is Not Thought Sound!
I Now Have To Spend Money 
To Get Another Candy Piece
It Just Does Not Taste Like The Discarded Piece:

"Here! You Have It!
It's Not My Flavor!
I'll Get Another Piece!"

When God Gives Me A Blessing
I Can Be Certain Sure
That Even If I Accidentally Drop It
I Can Still Utilize It Straight Off The Floor!

God's Blessings Collect No Besmirchments!
God's Blessings Smells Not Of Yesterday
I Don't Have Any Need
To Spend A Red-head Penny
Beg Someone To Give Me Any!

Worldly Blessings
Come With High Costs
Including The One
That Turns Hearts
Into Jars Of Cold Frost
Willing To Beg
Borrow and Cheat
Willing To Savage Mommy
Daddy,  Gran and Baby
To Put A Pair Of Vile-looking Snakeskin Shoes 
On Seriously Wrong-Walking Feet!

God's Blessings
Come With Heaven's Long View
Able To Support The Recipients
Another One Or Two!

God's Blessing 
Blesses The Wise One
Who Knows How To Care
Bless Also Another Out Of 
Their God-given Share!

BUT ...

Do Not Cast Your Blessings
Before The Grunting Sow
For It Will Turn And Eat You
Whether Filled,  Satisfied 
Or Just For The Factor Called: "Wow!"

Only God Can Show You Truly
How To Share What You Have Got!
So ... Don't Give To Who Has Already
Give To He Who Has Not!

Constantly Grunts 
Gets Gain!

Ask God 
To Reveal To You
Who Is In Silent Want
Within Your Ability
Satisfy Same!