Friday, March 4, 2016

HAPPY SABBATH + What Purpose Money?

Many Are The Men Who Had Great Wealth
BUT ...
To Their Chagrin
Their Great Wealth
Cannot For Them
Purchase Great Health!

Great Money Men 
Have Denied
The Great God His Due
And Have Placed Their Great Wealth
On The Throne Of The Great God 
Who Can Save Them, Me, And You!

Money May Purchase Comforts
Money Cannot Purchase A Heaven-Made Crown!
Money On Earth Is Heavy
And Often The Seeking Soul Wears Down!

Money May Purchase Manners
Money Cannot Purchase What Matters!
Money On Earth Is Oft' Cursed
And Devours The Lusting Soul Who Carries It Around!

Money Has A Purpose And A Place!
To The Unbeliever It Buys Comforts Untold
Their Money Is The God On The Throne

BUT ...

To The Faithful
Trusting-In-God Believer
Money Is An Aid In Living Life
Both For Self and Another
But Does Not For Him
Pave The Way 
To God
To The Eternal Blessed-of-God Life!

Let Money Do 
That For Which It Was Intended


Not At The Expense Of The Soul!

Let Us Not Let Money

Be Our God


Only The Living God


The True Gold!



 The Living GOD


IN The Fullness Of HIS TIME


The Living GOD'S Eternal GOLD!