Tuesday, March 15, 2016

My Heart's Desire

I have No Desire 
To Be Popular!
I Have No Desire 
To Get Me Outside Of My Self!
I Have No Desire 
For A Faith That Is "Okay!"
On or Off
The What-not 
Misplaced Item
Rubbish Shelf!

I Have No Desire 
For Compromise!
I Have No Desire 
To Be One Of Anybody's Insider Group Clique Gang!
I Have No Desire
To Play At With True Christianity
Thank God
I Have No Desire 
To Pretend Jesus Christ Is Not The Savior
But A Bother 
A Nag!

I Desire 
To Walk As One Holy!
I Desire 
To Know The Lord  Not As My Judge But As My King!
I Desire 
To Walk The Pathway Straight and Narrow
No Longer To With Satan
Go A-Prancing!

I Will Pray!
I Will Pray Without Ceasing!
I Will Sing 
To and Of My God Along This Life's Way!
I Will Heed
The Admonitions Of The Holy Spirit
I Will On God's Holy Word
Each and Every Day

By God's Great Grace
As I Live
I Will Bless My God 
At All Times!!