Tuesday, March 22, 2016

PERSONAL PUZZLER: Sustaining The Charge: "Christian!"

I am Intrigued by The Question:

"Is There Enough Evidence 
To Convict You Of The Charge Of 
Being A Christian?"

Whilst This May Presently be a Talking Point - A What If
Soon The Day Will Appear 
When This Question Will Assuredly Elicit 
The Response That Means Life or Death!

With This Burning Question Before Us, It Is Time For Some Serious Soul-Searching:

  • Does The Word Of God Give You Pause When You Contemplate Doing Wrong?
  • When You've Done Wrong,  How Does Your Heart Respond?
  • Do You Prayer Over Meals At Home But Hide In Public?
  • Does You Mien - Attitude, Look, Character - Towards People And Situations Say "Child Of God!?"
  • Does Your Appearance Set You Apart From The Multitude?
  • Does Your Speech Say Circumspection?
  • What Is Your Response When Attacked For Being A Christian?
  • Does The World See Jesus In You?
  • Do You Share Your Faith?
  • Do You Bless Others?
  • Are You Kind And Thoughtful?
  • Are You Known For Being A Praying Person?
  • Would You Argue Against Jesus Christ To Save Your Mortal Life Even Though You Know That Eternal Life Awaits The Faithful?
  • Would You Deny Jesus Christ To Be Able To Buy Bread Even Though Jesus Promised That Your Bread And Water Are Secure ... If You Are Faithful?
  • Would You Deny Jesus Christ If It Would Keep You Employed?
  • Would You Deny Jesus Christ To Have Peace In Your Home?
  • Do You Believe In God Enough To Stand Firm Against Rabid Religious Opposition?
  • Do You Believe God's Promises Enough To Stand Behind Them If Called To Stand In Front The Guillotine, The Firing Squad or The Crazed Mob?
  • Were You Asked To Describe The God Of Your Heart,  What Would You Say?
  • The "Thought Police" Are Checking For Contraband Bibles - Printed and Electronic - And Christian Books. They Are Knocking At Your Door.  Will You Hide Your Bible and Books To Avoid Detention -  No Trial?
  • You Are Asked To Choose Between The Word Of The Living God and The Word Of The Government Knowing Full Well That If The Words Of The Government Are Not In Line With The Word Of God That The Word Of God Rules. The Words Of The Government Are Contrary To The Word Of God. What Would You Do If Your Life Depends On Your Answer?
  • The Working Idol-God Is In Place.  All Kinds Of Music Is Being Played.  You Must Worship The Idol Or Be Killed. How Do You Stand?
  • The Word Comes That Jesus Christ Is In The Desert Doing Miraculous Things. Will You Go To See Him Even Though Your Bible Says "That Jesus" IS Fake And Not To Run After Demons Performing Miracles?
  • Your Highly Respected Church Leader and His Companion, The Government Leader, Says That Jesus Christ Told Them To Tell You That Worshiping At The Feet Of The Man Of Sin Is Not A Sin If It Means Saving Your Life. What Would You Do?
  • Many Are The Reports From The Authorities That Say That Jesus Christ Said That It Is Okay To Do Whatever A Christian Must Do To Survive The Time Of Strife For He Knows That All Christians Really Love and Believe In Him, and That Self-Preservation Must Be Your Watch-word. What Would You Do?
  • Is The Holy Word Presented In Your King James Bible Your Guide For Living A Blessed Life?
  • A "Bible" Passage Is Presented To You Which Says That Jesus Christ Is God's Son But That He Is Not God; That Jesus Christ Never Came To Earth And Will Never Come To Earth; and That The Holy Spirit Is Not God But The Breath Of God Which Is Nothing And Cannot Do Anything For Men's Souls. If You Correct The Passage You Are Effectively A Dead Person. What Would You Do?
  • Can You, Do You, Would You Really Trust God - The Unseen God Who Gave Mankind The Sure Word - For Your Salvation Over The God(s) Of The Earth With Their Ever-changing Ideas and Ideologies, Fads and Fashions, Promises and Pledges, Feigned Tempests and Foul Thunderings Who Cater To Your Carnal Desires?

To Be A True Christian
In The Time Of Strife
Is To Have Damocles' Sword
Swinging Over The Head
The Child Of God
Though In Peril Of Losing His Own Head
Faithfully Asserts:

"Jesus Christ Died
To Save Sinful Me
Nothing That This Body Suffers
Will Stop My Soul 
From Being In My God
Gloriously Safe and Eternally Free!
I Accepted God's Free Offer 
I Will Live Again
Because Of The Blood 
The Living Lamb!"

Now Go ... To The Throne Of Grace!!