Monday, March 14, 2016

Rejecting The Urge ...

In Jesus' Name
I Reject The Urge
To Join The Surge
To Accept Sin As The Thing
From Which There Is No Purge
For Which Is Never Heard
The Funeral Dirge!

I Desire 
To Possess
The Wisdom Of The Wise
From The Sage For The Ages
Not That From The Sages of The Technicolor Pages
Whose Deceitfully Wicked Hearts 
Are Locked In "Paid For By Sin" Gilded Cages
And Who Rage Against Him
Who A Man's Heart Gauges
Who Will Give Unto Each Man 
His Earned
Eternal Wages!

I Do Not Choose 
To Run Around
Constantly In A Hurry
Accepting Every Sound
When The Devil's Band Doth Cause A Flurry
Ignoring The Repentance Call
Ending Up As Quarry
Aboard Destruction's Well-used Lorry!

I Have No Desire 
To Be Late
To Suffer The Unrepentant Sinners' Fate
To Be Shut Out Of Heaven's Gate
Having No One But 
My Sinful Self To Berate!

I Desire 
To Attend The King's Banquet
Wearing A Righteous Man's  Robe
Not A Sinner's Blanket
Thankful To The King 
Whose Sacrifice Provided It
The Holy Spirit Who Guided My Way 
On The Path To Claiming It!