Sunday, March 13, 2016

Serving God: The God Of All

I Serve A God
Who Has Eyes That See
Everything - Good or Bad -
That Every Single Human Being
That Has Been Or
Ever Will Be On This Planet
Has Done 
Or Will Ever Do.

I Serve A God
Who Has Ears
Not Just For Decoration
But To Hear
And Does Hear The Loudest Wail
Or The Softest Call
Of Any One Who Chooses
To Call Him Lord
Or Wants To Know If He Is God
Or Needs To Know That He Is Near
Of Just To Utter His Name
To Cast Away Very Human Doubts and Fears.

I Serve A God
Who Has Real Hands
To Soothe The Weary
Or Even Sorrowing 
Or Even Worried Brow
To Shield From Destruction
To Shepherd His Children On The Way
To Beckon The Seekers
To Hold His Own Safe ... and Secure From Spiritual Harm!

I Serve A God
With Living, Feeling, Full-Body Blooded Feet
Which Same Feet Walked The Lonesome Road
Walked Amongst The Sick and Suffering
The Hopeless and The Helpless
The Hungry and Self-Satisfied
The Seeking and The Sorrowful
The Angry and The Hateful
The Betrayed and The Betraying
The Heaven-bound and The Hellbent
Climbed Mount Calvary
Were Nailed To The Cross
Walked Out Of The Cold Grave
Stood On The Cloud On The Way To Heaven
Which Will Stand On The Cloud On The Way Back To Earth
To Claim And Carry All His Children Home
Which Feet Also Hold The Perpetual Marks
Of The Sacrifice For My Shame
Which Feet I Will See With My Own Eyes
And Be Able To Touch
Because The Very God That I Serve
Is Not A Plaster Saint
A Paper Dragon
Nor A Comic Folly!

I Serve The God
Who Cries
Who Is Hurt
Who Helps
Who Heals
With Whom Is Hope
Who To All Humans Never Fails To Appeal.

I Serve The God 
Of All Graces
My Hope For Glory
The Servant King
The True Shepherd
My Way Home!

I Serve The God 
With The Beating Heart
Who Is Touched By My Griefs
Who Came To Earth 
Was Tempted As I Often Am
Never Sinned
So As To Serve As My Example 
On How I May Live A Victorious Life.

I Serve The God 
Who Loves Me
Who Created Me
Who Desires A Relationship With Me
And Adopted Me
For His Own Child
And Made Me An Heir
To The Heavenly Realm.

I Serve The God 
Who Lets His Holy Spirit
Abide In Me
To Comfort Me
To Teach Me
To Chide Me
To Keep Me 
In The Right and Holy Way.

I Serve 
The Holy
In Whom Is All
The Beginning
The Ending
Can't Be Usurped
Nor Back-Raised
Living God!
The Lamp!