Sunday, April 17, 2016

ALONE: Easy - Not Old-time - Religion

I Met Easy Religion!
Just Like THAT
We Almost Became Eternal Best Friends!
I Didn't Have To Work At It!
I Just Coasted Along
For There Was Nothing In It 
About It
To Offend!

Easy Religion
Was So Much Fun!
In His Presence
I Could Kick My Heels Up
I Stumbled And Fell Down!
There Was No Condemnation
I Did Not Even Have About Me To Look Around!

There Was No Laboring
With Easy Religion!
No Talk Of Faith Without Work
Being Dead!
No Loving A God To Exclusion
No Setting Aside Self
Less That God Doth Upon You Frown!

I Was Living It Up
Loving It!

No Cares!
No Tears!
No Why's?
No Wherefores!
No Ifs, No Ands, Nor Buts!
No Waits!
No Weights!
No Worries!

All That I Was Required To Remember Was:

God Is Love!

Life Is Good!

Things With Easy Religion
Were All Well And Good - Or So I Thought -
Until One Glad Morning
Night Before
Early Last Week
I Found Myself With BIG ABLE  Problems
And Suddenly 
Realized That
With Easy Religion
I Had No One
With Whom I Could
In My Moment of Deep Distress
Fervently Speak!

"Easy Religion!"
"Be A Bud!" I Said.
"I Need Your Comfort!
Things With Me Are Dread - Not Sweet!
Life Just Got Up In My Face
And In My Way!
Come On!
Help Me!
I Need Your Comfort!
Help Me! 
Please, Help Me!
I Know Fear!"

Easy Religion - Quite Calmly - Replied:

"Sorry, Ducks!
I Got My Golf To Go Out And Play!
Make An Appointment!
Or You Can Even Talk To God - I Won't Be Offended!
I Just Can't Fit You Into My Schedule Right Now!
Let Me Know How Things Turn Out!
I'll Cross My Fingers For You!
Gotta Run!
Gotta Catch The Light!
Sun's Coming Out!"

Devastated ...
I Turned To The Bible I Had For So Long
Willingly Rejected!

Devastated ...
I Turned To The God To Whom I Used To Pray
Before Feel-Good Theology
Swept Me Away
Believe It Or Not
He Did Not Reject Me!
He Did Not Turn Me Away!

Forgotten God Encouraged Me
Telling Me That 
We Can
Talk A Lot!

He Said To Me:

"Dear Child,
Just Because Someone Has A Big Voice
It Does Not Mean They Have Anything
Worth Saying That You Need To Hear!"

"Just Because Their Lives Seem Tranquil

It Does Not Mean That They Don't Walk Around
With Mortal And Moral Fear!"

"Just Because They Don't Seem To Work

That Does Not Mean They're Not Working!"

"It Just Means That They Are Not Working For Me!"

"Just Because They Have Great Elocution

It Does Not Mean That Their Word Is Not Dirty!"

"Dear Child,

In The Kingdom Of Light
There Is No Dark Night!
The Residents There Walk Around Without Fear
They Know That I AM Faithful, And
That Their Well-being Is By Me Blessed!
They Have Faith In My Holy Word!
They Trust Me And In Me!
They Run Not With The World's Herd
Peace Is Theirs
For They've Set Aside Self
The Lusts Of Their Flesh Are 
- By My Spirit -
On The Fleshly Things Forgotten Shelf!"

They Have Faith!

They - In Faith - Work
Try As He Might
Satan Cannot Get Them
Even If He Against Them
Goes Berserk!"

"What Is Mine I Keep

The Holy Angels Surround All My Beloved Ones
Whether In Valley Low
On Mountain High
Or Crossing Jagged Hill Steep!"

"They Are Always In Prayer

Like David
They Know That I AM Only A Prayer Away
They Have Rest
Sweet Rest
For They Surely Know That For Them I Do Care!"

"Now, Beloved

Put Aside The World!
Cast Away Your False Pride
Give Me Your Heart!
I Will It Renew
I Will
- With Your Permission -
Keep It Clean And Right  - True!"

"Give Me Your Flesh!

Live In The Spirit!
I AM Here!
My Love Has No Limit!
Work In Faith Until Earth's Night Comes
You'll Join With ALL The Redeemed
In The Kingdom Where The True Riches Come From!"


Faith Without Works Is Dead!
Don't Cast Away Your Hope!"

"My Word Does Not Change!

With Me There Is No Redo!
Work -  The Night Comes!
Live Right!
Let Us In Accord Be One
And I Won't Have From My Door To Shoo You!"

The Easy Church
The Church That Does Not Preach
Nor Teach
Death, Hell and Judgment
Personal Sacrifice and Temperance
Faith and Works
Working Out 
Your Own Soul's Salvation
A Personal 
Committed Relationship 
Jesus Christ
No Church 
The Living God!


The Self 
The Savior
A Labor
Without Loving Savor!
One Walks
For The Liar
For Damnation's Fire!