Monday, April 11, 2016

Because Of Jesus Christ's Love ...!

Because Of Love  
A Heart Did Break!
Because Of Love 
He Let Them His Life Take
And Satan And His Minions
Did Joyously Celebrate
Because Love They Truly Did Hate!

Because Of Love
A Repentant Soul Will Be Saved!
Because Of Love Confessed 
Sin Can No More The Penitent Enslave!
Because Of Love
I Can Hold Up My Head
Because The King Of Love is Living Not Dead!

Because Of Love
Sin And Death Couldn't Keep Jesus Christ In The Grave!
Because Of Love
Jesus Christ Came Out Living 
From The Cold Grave
And Satan And His Minions
Are Now On A Hate-filled Rampage!

Because Of Love
My Eyes Have Been Salved!
Because Of Love I Will Not Bow To The Golden Calf!
Because Of Love
I No Longer Live My Life Half And Half
And Satan And His Minions Are Seeking To Destroy Me
By Stimulating A National Good-Sin Policy Draft!

But ...

The Lord Is My Shepherd!
I Don't Follow The Multitude!
I Walk To Christ As One Faithful
Even If Doing That Makes Me Walk Alone
And Everyone Label Me 
A Religiously Fundamental Intolerant Prude!

Because Of Love 
I Shall See My King Some Day!
Because Of My Sorrowful Repentance
I Won't For My Own Sins Have To Pay!
Because Of God's Love
I Can Sing: "Hallelujah!" Today
And Pray And Praise Him To The End Of My Days!