Thursday, April 21, 2016

Christian Lamentation + PRAYER: Lord, Call Your People Out

I Had No Revelation!
I Saw It With My Own Eyes!
Men And Women Preaching "The Gospel!"
Telling God's People
Great And Lofty Lies!

God's Word Has Been Elevated
To Where God Is The Currency Exchange
You Put In Your Seeds In Denomination
Your Prosperity Becomes Healthy
Like A Chicken On The  Free-range!

The Bible Speaks Of The Time Coming
When Men Will Not Tolerate The Sound Word
Generating For Themselves False Teachers
- As Can Be Seen -
Who Are Card-carrying
True Members And Leaders In
The Evil Big Goat's Fallen-Away Herd!

When A Preacher Can Stand Before The Congregation
And Say That Satan Is Giving Him A Word
And Just ... Side Step
As Though It's Not A Problem
You Know That That Man Cannot Ever Be Teaching
God's Living And True Holy  Word!

And ... 

WHen You Have A Lady Preacher
Having An Orgasm As The TV Cameras Roll
And Keeling And Carrying On In Bliss
And Telling Her Audience 
It Is "The Holy Spirit" In Her
You Must Know
That Demons At Work 
Is Stamped Plainly All Over This!

And ... 

When You Hear A Dollar-Preacher Telling The Congregants
That When You Have Sex With A Christian Brother Sister
That They're Really Having Sex With Almighty God
And Using Matthew 25:40
To Prop Up The Work Of The Fraud
You Have To Know That Satan Is That Preacher's True Master
And Not 
The Living True And Holy Eternal God!

It Is Sad
To See So Much Demonic Activity
Among The People Of God
Who Are Living On Loving The Lies Of The Sandman
Don't Care
That There Is A Tsunami Coming
For The Hirelings
In Calling It A Regulation High Tide!


Lord God Almighty,
Father Of Faithful Children
Whose Personal Sacrifice Of The Beloved Son
Gives Us Leave
Upon You To Call
Have Mercy On The Household Of Faith
Let The Loud Cry Go Out!
Call Your People 
From Amongst The Whitewashed Tombs 
To Come Out!
Let The Latter Rain Pour Out!
Let The Holy People
God's Truth Shout Out
At The Jouney's End
Take Us Out Of This World Of Sin
To The Home Where Peace Is Walking!

In Jesus' Holy Name We Plead
Father, Please Don't Leave Us Out!

We Love You, Lord