Saturday, April 16, 2016

My Father's Love

My Father Lives In Heaven
That Far, Far, Distant Shore
But He Is Ever With Me
And Loving Me, To Him
Is Not A Boring Chore!

I Talk To Him Daily
Morning Evening Noon And Night
In Short,  We Talk Constantly
And, No
We Never Fight!

He Listens When I'm Speaking!
He Answers When I Call
And Even When I Say Nothing
My Father Is Ever Always On The Ball!

I Have My Father's Dear Promise!
He Wrote A Letter To Me
And Signed In His Blood
He Promised
He Is Coming To Get Me!

He Closed His Letter To Me
With His Eternal Love
And In The Graphic Closing
He Included Images 
Of The Glorious Home Above!

My Heart Is Eagerly Beating
The Time Is Getting Short
When My Father Shall Breech The Eastern Sky
And On My Own Wings
To His Eternal Home
With Him I'll Praising Fly!

P.S: My Father Promised That I Will Get An Eternal Body
An Eternal White Linen Robe Of His Righteousness
A Very Special New Name
A Victor's Palm
A Gold Crown
Just Made For Me!
I Really Love My Father!

I Know You Can Hear Me!
Please, Come Soon!