Thursday, April 14, 2016

What Is Your Attitude Before God?

I Have Determined
That Whenever I Go To God
I Am Going With An Attitude!

Are You Mad?!

No!  Actually, I Am Really Quite Sane!

Well, Since YOU Say That YOU Are Sane
Please Explain What YOU Mean When YOU Say 
That YOU Are Going To God With An "Attitude!"

The Nerve Of Some People! 

Okay! I Will!

It's Like This:

God Says That He Has Blessings For His Faithful People!
God Says To Us That We Should Ask Him For Blessings!
God Says To Us That We Should Pray To Him ... Without Ceasing!
He Also Says To Ask Gifts Of Him With Our Faith Not Wavering!
God Also Says That His Way Is Perfect!

Are You With Me?!

Yes!  So Far ...!

God Gives Good Gifts aka Blessings!
I Need Blessings!



God Is Not A Liar!
I Am A Fickle Human!

Still With Me?!

I Think So ...!

Here Is My Attitude:

I Go To God Asking For My Particular Blessing
Fully Expecting That I Will Be Blessed!

I Expect To Receive A Blessing Because God Don't Can't Won't Lie!

God Has Got To Give Me A Blessing! - After All, I Rely On Him By Covenant ... In Faith!

  • If I Get The Blessing I Asked For,  I Am Thankful! - God Is My Shepherd!
  • If I Don't Get The Thing I Call A Blessing But That God Knows Is Not A Blessing To Me,  I Am Thankful! - He Knows Everything!
  • When I Receive The Blessing That God Chooses To Bless Me With,  I Am Thankful! - He Is In Everything!
  • With God Out Front, I Can't Lose! - He Sees Everything!

I Am Putting The Weight Of My Being Blessed By God On "The God Who Blesses!"

I Can Never -  With My Attitude -  Be Disappointed By - Or In - God!

Put Another Way:

I Will Faithfully Go To God For A Blessing!  That Is My Business!

How God Chooses To Bless Me Is His Business!

Got Any Questions!

Not A Single One!

Here's A Thought For The Road:

Very Often 
The Thing We Summarily Reject 
The One Thing 
That Would 
Substantially Bless Us
We Graciously Accepted It!

If God 
To Our Every Request 
We Have Determined 
That It Is 
The Craved Blessing
We Would Take Pleasure 
In Cursing God 
So That We Could Die 
In Shame 
At Our Idiocy
The Blessings 
- Revealed To Be Curses - 
Viciously Bite!


Our Father Really Knows Best!