Tuesday, May 10, 2016

PRAYER: Father, I'm Frightened ...

I Am Frightened!
Not Frightened
My Nose Around The Window To Put
But Frightened About Losing Out On Heaven
The Truth Of Your Kingdom 
I'm Afraid To Talk About!

I Do Not Wish To Be Responsible
For Another Soul's Salvation
Because I Am Afraid To Offend Them
Telling A Soul The Truth Of Christ The King's Coming
Is Like Saying
Out Loud
That You Hate Them!

Your Truth, Father
Is Now - Indeed - Hate Speech!
Good Is Become Evil!
We Can't Give A Person A Good Word
Without Running Afoul Of Some Law
And Calling Sin "SIN!"
Is Particularly Egregious
For People Then Treat You Like You're A Thieving Jackdaw!

To Show A Person The Right Way
Is The Wrong Way!

To Point Out The Wrong
Is Politically 
Incorrect Dynamite
Even The Church Leaders
Are Getting In On The Racket
For Fear Of Losing
Their 501c3 Honey Pot
Of Big Ticket Bonbons!

Father, The Church Itself 
Is Clasping Hands With The Very Devil
Equating Eating Shellfish And
Wearing Mixed Fibers
With The Abomination Of Sodomy 
So Stated In Your Laws!

Doing Right
Now Bites!
Doing Wrong Is A Hit Song
Serving The One God
Is Like Playing A 45 Or A 78
When Flash Drives And SD Card Storage 
Are All The Rage!

Help Me, Dear Father
To Do Right
To Speak Truth
To Continue In The Faith
Walking Valiantly
Following After You!

Help Me Not To Shrink
From The Task
Of Sharing Jesus Christ's Faith
Come Rain Or Arctic Blast!

Help Me To Be True 
To The Gospel Truth
Until The Last Day
Of My Existence
Is Past!

Help Me, Lord
To Hold On To Jesus Christ
For I Know That He Is Coming Soon!
Help Me, Lord
To Remain Faithful
Even If I Fall
Into The Hands Of
Satan's Bully Boys And Goons!

I Love You, Lord!
You Are My Hope!
Please Hasten The Glorious Day!