Thursday, June 30, 2016

PRAYER: Accept, Dear Lord, My Apology!

I Stood Up
In Front Of Satan
Ready To Do Battle
Against The Terrible Foe
Found Out
How I Found Out
That My Defense
Utterly Vain
Left Me Heading Toward Hell!

I Remembered My True Defense
When I Realized I Was In Hock To Satan
And Satanic Suggestions
When The Shifting Sands
Were Tickling
My Great Little Toe!

I Remembered

The Lord Is My Shepherd
I Remembered
God Is Not Man!
He Can't Lie!
I Remembered
Trust In The Lord!
Don't Lean On Self Strength!
I Remembered
The Angel Of The Lord
Encamping Round About
Those Who Fear
Delivers ...

Lord, I Fear You!

Of My Sin I Repent!
I, For A Vain Moment
I Had That Satan's Head Bent
I Was Foolish
Not Acting Like A Humble Child
Because Of My Folly, Lord
Unnecessary Tears
Before You
I Now Cry!

I Know You

Who Knows Me
Who Calls Me
By My Name!
You Who Placed Within
This New Heart
A Willingness
To Call Your Beloved
My King!
Accept,  Lord
My Apology!
Accept,  Lord
My Prayer!
Accept, Lord
The Longing Faith
Of This Heart
On The Altar Of Sacrifice
Ever Always
Before Your Face!

I Offer To You My Sacrifice

Of My Praise
Of My Self
Of My Will
My Way!

Do For Me, Lord
That In Your Word
Your Character
That You Promised
Please Help Me To Be Obedient
To Do What You Say
Deliver Me
From The Fleshly Urges To Follow Satan
In His Vile
Unholy Ways!

I Will Have

No False God
Lord, I Look
To Holy You!

Bless Me, Lord

This Sinner Saved
Dearly, Truly, Loves You!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

PRAYER: I Am Yours, Lord!

I Lift My Heart To You
In An Attitude Of Prayer!
On My Own I Know I Am Nothing, Lord
And I Give To You My Burdens Of Care!

Let Me Not Neglect Our Morning Meetings
Wherein I Find Grace For The Day!
Let Me Not Neglect Our Blessed Time Together
Where I Receive The Blessings You Lovingly Share!

In Those Days When I Am Feeling All Prayed Out
And I Feel I Have Nothing To Say
Let This Heart Find Strength From Your Spirit
So That Satan Cannot Stick Me With His Darts!

I Am Yours, Dear Lord!
Your Voice I Obey!
Help Me This Day And Always
In Faith And Belief
For Love
And For Right Doing
Ever With Alacrity
To Act Upon All That You Say!
I Love You!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

PHENOMENON: Alone aka The Lonely Christian!?!

I Have Come Across A Phenomenon!
A Christian
Who Feels Lonely
Who Seems Not To Know
Which God
They Are Serving
Which Throne Their God Is Upon!

I Wonder Which Bible Is Being Read!

I Wonder Who Is Providing The Tutelage?

Do You Believe Your God
Is All Seeing
ALL Knowing
Ever Present
Is He Only Available
When His Paycheck Is Being
By You
Handed Out?

No Companion Available
To Share Moments And Love
And Is Possible Even At Home Work Church Etc..
This Is An EMOTIONAL Response!

Walking By Oneself
No Attachment
No Ties
Can Often Be By Choice
This Is A PHYSICAL Thing!

If We Believe In The God Of The Preserved Word
In The King James Bible
We -  As Christians Called -
Are Neither Physically
Left By Ourselves
To Our Own Devices!


Who Do You Believe?

The Ever In-Flux Word Of Man
Telling Us 
HOW We Must Feel When
According To The Prevailing Winds Of The World
The Settled And Sealed
Word Of The Eternal Holy AND True God?

Angels Keep Watch
Have Charge
Over Us!

The Holy Spirit God
Is Available
To Comfort Us
From Within Us!

Have You Invited
The Holy Spirit
To Give You A New Heart
To Take Up Residence In Your Heart?

If We Want To Truly Understand
Real Alone-ness And Loneliness
We Need To Look No Further Than At
Flagrantly Disobedient King Saul
(Holy Spirit Left Him)
The Betrayer Of Innocent Blood Judas Iscariot!
(Satan Entered Him)

Of Course
The Ultimate Expression Of That Particular Condition
Is Epitomized By The Earthly Dying Agonies Of Jesus Christ
The Atonement For All Our Sins Against The Father
Who Is
Our Creator
Our Sustainer
Our Redeemer
Our Friend
Our Only Intercessor
Our One True High Priest
Our Sovereign King
Who IS The Judge
Of The Truly Alone And Lonely
Those Who Willfully Choose
To Deny Jesus Christ
To Walk Wise
In Their Own Blinded Eyesight!

King David, Prophesying Of Christ's Agonies, Wrote:

And Jesus Christ, Himself, Affirming King David, Cried:

It Was A Terrible And Gross Cry
Of The Separated From The Light Soul!

A Christian
By Definition
Is A Reformed
Formerly Hell-bound Sinner
Turned To Believer
- Acknowledging Christ's Sacrifice
And Accepting The Offer Of Salvation -
Who Daily Grows In Grace
Looking Longingly
Unto Jesus
The Author AND Finisher

Jesus Says:
We Are Not Alone!
We Have Angelic Companions!
We Have The Holy Spirit!
We Have The Comfort Of The Word
The Hope Of Glory
The Faith Of Jesus Christ!

We Cannot Be Alone Nor Lonely!

So ...

Let Us Put Our Faith In Gear
Acknowledge The Power In Fervent Prayer
Trust God
Remembering Always That
The Eternal God In First Position
Unceasing Praying
Wholly Trusting
Glorying In The Cross You (Me)
Equal The Majority!

Our King Is Coming
Until Then
That Same King
Is Comforting
Carrying Us!

Lift Up Your Head!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Where's Your Faith?!

I Was Given A Great Gift!
It Was A Measure Of Faith!
I Touched It!
I Kissed It!
I Tried It Out Once
I Put It High Up
On The Treasured Items Shelf!

One Day
I Had An Experience!
That Experience Called Into Question My Faith!
I Said To My Self:

"Hey! We Have Faith!"

Then I Remembered, And Said:

"Ohhh! But It Is At Home
On The Treasured Items Shelf!"

I Got Over That Experience!
Or So I Thought!

Time Passed

And Then ...

One Experience
Another Experience
Boldly Showed Up
This Time
Right Inside My Front Door!

The Nerve Of These Experiences!

Nerves Frayed
I Reached For My Gift Of Faith
Only To Realize
That I Had Securely Tucked It Away!

"Oh, Faith!
Where Are You?
I Need You Right Now!
Wherever You Are Hiding
I Command You
To Come Out Right Now!
I'm Having A Conniption
A Calf
A Cow!
Oh, Lord!
Please Help Me!
Lord, Help Me!
I Vow
To Keep Faith With You!
To Keep My Faith
On With Me
Starting ...
Starting ...
Starting ... RIGHT NOW!

I Learned A Hard Lesson!
Faith Is Not For Show!
Faith Is For Exercise!
One Must Let Faith Grow
Faith Unused
Is Faith That Is Dead
Unused Faith
Is As Useful As
A Feather Made Of Lead!

From That Day Till This Day
I Have Bound My Faith
To My Life!
I Have To Daily Exercise My Faith
In This Life
Is Constant Constant Strife!

I Say My Prayers
To My Father
In Jesus Christ' Name
Exercising The Faith
That He Gave Me
Vowing Daily
To Use This God-Given Measure of Faith
Until I Enter The Day I Enter The Grave!

I Have Needs!

Without Faith
In Jesus Christ

My Faith Is Fruitless

My Striving Is Useless


Salvation For This Sinner Saved
Is Profitless


Waiting For The Trumpet Call Of God
Is Pointless!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Narrow Plank

I Stand Upon The Narrow Plank
The Narrow Plank Called Faith
It Is Just Broad Enough
To Hold My Feet
Through It
Jesus Christ Daily Carries
Uplifts Me
By It
I Make Heavenly Gains!

I've Been Fickle!
I've Had Foibles!
I've Been Recalcitrant
Unto Own Way
This Plank That I'm Standing On
Is Anchored In
Prayers Solid Ground
On The Straight And Narrow Way!

I Used To 
Waffle And Whiffle
Sniffle And Sneak!
I Used To Cast About
Looking For A God Strong
Not A False God Weak
Until I Met Jesus
The Christ Who Calls Me By Name
He Who Has Bidden Me
His Holy Name
Not To Profane!

Since I Accepted From Jesus
The Plank Of Christ's Faith
I Am Fitted
Fighting To
In Faith
Run In The Eternal Stakes Race!

I DO NOT Run With Self!
I've Pinned That Button On Jesus Christ's Sleeve
I'm Bearing A Personal Cross
Running Through The Buffeting Breeze!

As Long As I Look At Jesus
I Am Running In The Light!
When I Look Away From Jesus
Out Comes The King Of The Night!

BUT ...

By Prayer And Supplication
Letting To God
My Requests Be Made Known
I Have Access To Angelic Companions Strong
I'm Never Alone!

My Faith Looks Up!
My Heart Reaches Out
My Soul Is In Travail
Not To The Vagaries Of False Doctrines
Willy Nilly Tossed About!

My Plank Has No Wood Ants
Just Marks Of Righteous Blood
Roman Nails
With The Blessed Purchase Made By Jesus
By Trust In His Merits
My Plank
On The Altar Of Sacrifice
Will Brightly Blaze!

My Plank Is Oiled By The Holy Spirit!

What Are YOU Standing Upon!

Rotting Wood OR Jesus' Faith?

Saturday, June 25, 2016


Father,  You Inspire Me
So That The World's Wisdom Can't Confuse Me!

Father,  You Teach Me
So That The Vile Word Of Man Cannot Me Distress!

Father,  I Know That You Love Me
You Cannot Love Me More
For Love Of Me Brought You Distress
And It Is For Love Of Me
That At The Cross
Satan Did His Hatred
With Excess Express!

Help Me To Pray More
In And Out The Door!
Help Me To Pray More
Never Viewng Any Task For You A Chore!
Help Me To Use My Faith More
And My Worry Muscles Less!

Help Me,  Dear Lord
This Day
Ever And Always
My Love Of You
And The Truth Of The Gospel
To Confidently Confess!

Lord, Yes!
The Way Of The Cross Leads Home
And By Following The Cross
I Know I Am Not Alone!

Let My Heart Beat True
Lift Up My Head
Draw Me Closer To You
Give Me The Courage
To Do All
A Faithful Servant Will Lovingly Do
Of Your Word
Right And True!

I Love You, Lord!
Bless Me With
A Consuming Hope For Heaven
An Overwhelming Love For Christ
Eagle Eyes Fixed And Focused On The Prize
Constant Hands On The Gospel Plow
A Head That Won't Bow To Idols
Feet Grooved For The Narrow Way
Ears That Hear Only What You Say
A Straight Tongue To Ever Confess Jesus Christ
In A Mouth Unfitted To Speaking Lies
For The Building Of Satan's Throne
And,  Lord
If You Please
And For My Soul's Sweet Pleasure
Grant Me The Sound Of A Bell From Heaven
In My Ear Constant Ringing:

Home!  Home!
Your God Is In Residence
And Waiting For You!
Your God Is At Home
On Heaven's Glorious Throne!
Soon You Will Be Coming Home!
The Living God Sits On His Eternal Throne!
You Are Never Alone!

In Jesus' Name I Make This Plea
Bless Me,  Dear Lord
I Gladly Follow Thee!

I Believe In Miracles! + PRAYER: I Believe, Lord!

As Long As I DO What Is Right
God Will Do Right By Me!

As Long As I Live Right
Christ's Righteousness
Will Clothe Me

As Long As I Hold To Jesus
Neither Sin Nor Satan
Can Carry Me Away!

As Long As I Trust In Jesus Christ
For Me
Is Only A Prayer Away!

I Expect Miracles!
God Expects Me To Obey!

I Expect Miracles!
God Expects Me To Do What He Says!

I Can't Do It Alone
There Is Help And Provision!
I Dial A Prayer
It IS Routed
In The Free Grace Division!


I Need A Miracle Today!
Just A Little One
To Help Me On Life's Way!
I Need No Special Wrapping!
You Know Just What To Do!
Please Open Heaven's Storehouse
For I Am Waiting
To Pickup
From You!

I Believe, Lord!

Help Me In My Unbelief!
For I Love
The Eternal You!

Friday, June 24, 2016


I Believe The Word Of God!

I Believe I Will Fly
For My Father Said
We Shall Be As Angels
And Angels Have Wings!

I Believe I Shall No More Cry
For My Father Said That
Sorrow And Death Shall Pass Away!

I Believe That I Shall Be In Eternity Enthralled
For My Father Said That
Eye Hath Not Seen
Nor Ear Heard
The Things He Hath Prepared For Me
Because I Give Him My Love!

I Believe I Shall Live Forever
For My Father Said I Shall Live With  Him Where He Is -
There Is No Terminus In Eternity!

I Believe I Shall Be Immortal
For My Father Says That I Shall Be Like Him
And He Cannot Die!

I Believe God!
My God Is My Father!
My Father God Is Not A Man
That He Should To Me Lie!
I Place My Trust In Him
And ... By Faith
I Shall Gain The Blessed Reward
When He Comes For Me
When He Breaks The Eastern Sky!

My Belief Is Rooted
In The Rock Of Truth!
My Faith Is Planted In Him
By Whose Blood
I Shall Gain Eternal Youth!
My Rock Is Jesus!
He Is The Christ
He Is My Hope
My Help And My Healer
My Author
My Finisher
My Light
My Truth
My Life!

I Believe God!