Tuesday, June 14, 2016

PRAYER: Father, I Desire Glorification

Oh, Lord,
I Cannot Neglect
The Great Salvation
I Cannot Ignore The Cost Of My Redemption
For My Desire Is For My Soul's Glorification!

Father, Have Mercy On Me
Let Truth Be My Light!
Let Faith Be My Sight!
Let Heaven Be My Goal
And The Holy Spirit The Comfort Of My Soul!

Let Salvation Be My Song!
Let Self Denial Remove Me From The Throng!
Let Peace Be My Path
And Jesus Christ The King Upon Whom My Lot Is Cast!

Let Hope In God Be My Guide!
Let Holy Angels Protect Me On Every Side!
Let Me Stand Firm In Jesus Christ's Faith
Even Though I Be Considered 
An Out Of Touch With The Times Disgrace!

Let My Prayers Ever Be To The Living Holy God!
Let Me Never Yearn For Man's Lifeless Rewards
And Let Me On The Day Rise To Eternal Life
After Having Endured The Devil-Lubricated Strife!

Let Me Be Glad As I Sing Of Jesus Christ My King
And Not Consider His Once For All Sacrifice
A Light Even Trivial Thing!

Let Me Give Honor
Offer Prayers
And Sing Praise
Until The End Of My Days
For Ever Walking On The Narrow Way
For I Desire
In Peace
To Behold
And Enter Into The Glorious Way
To Be With My Redeemer
In The Everlasting Day!

Hallelujah To The Lamb!
On Christ The Solid Rock I Stand!
Let Me Not Be Afraid Of Man
For I Have A Place At The Welcome Table
In Glory Land!

Thank You, God
For The Song Of The Redeemed That I Sing!
Thank You, Lord
For Everthing!