Monday, June 13, 2016

The Law Of God As A Thing


We Have A Problem!

As Far As I Am Concerned

This Is How The Story Goes:

Walking Around
Doing As I Was Well Pleased
I Committed No Sin!
I Had No Heart Ache
Nor Knew Of Disease
That Grave Morning
The Law Of God Was To Me Revealed
I Knew
Of A Certainty
That Obeying That Law
That God Pleasing
That I Would Be
Me Displeasing!

That Was Not Going To Work
I Always Put Me First
This Law Of God Thing
Was Putting The Critical Order Of Things
Into An Impractical To Me

I Am Important!
No Body Comes Before Me
This Two Tablet
Ten Commandments
- Not Suggestions
Nor Recommendations -
First Four Commandments For God
Last Six For Family Friends
In Short, The Whole Community
Feels Like Coarse Sand Paper
Crossing Over A Truly Delicate
Deliciously Fine-Tuned
Human Body!

This Law Of God Thing Is A Kill Joy!
I Can't Unsee
What I Now Know
I Have A Responsibility!
The School Master
You Know - The Law
Says So!

When I Commit Sin
I Must Repent To God!
I Must Do All In The Faith Of Jesus
Who Died To Reconcile Me
To God The Father
From The Fatal Flaw!

Fatal Flaw?!


What's So Fatal About That?
We Live! 
We Have Fun!
Time Passes!
We Die! 
End Of Story!

Not So Fast!
You Are Quite Wrong!
Sin aka Lawlessness aka Iniquity
The Transgression Of God's Laws!

The Penalty For Doing Sin Is Death!
Eternal Death aka Body Plus Soul In Hell 
Aka Eternal Separation From God!
You Burn Until You Are Consumed 
The Length Of Time Burning
In The Lake Of Brimstone And Fire
Depends On The Depravity Of The Sinner!

To Get Out Of Suffering Eternal Death
We Need A Savior!
Blood Must Be Spilt!

Jesus Offered Up Himself!
His Father Sent Him To Pay Our Price!
He Got What We Deserved
We Get What We Don't Deserve!

We've Got To Accept The Offering
We Will Still Die!

You Hear About The Mansions!

What Mansions?!

In God's House!

Jesus Is Preparing A Place
In His Father's House
For His People!

Are You A People?

Believe It!

What Do I DO To Get What You've Got?

Believe Jesus' Salvation Is Fee Free!
Acknowledge Sin!
Confess Sin!
Repent Of Sin!
Walk In Jesus' Faith!
Walking In Your Own Way Relent!

Sounds Doable!

Doable ...
Not In Your Own Strength!

You've Got To Get The Holy Spirit!

Let Him Of You Take Control!
Accept The Eternal Gifts Offered!
Heaven Must Be The Only Goal!

I Hear That!
Gold Is My Favorite Color!

I Said Goal!

I Heard You!
I Accept That
And I Desire God's Gold!

So ...

My Goal Is God's Gold!
Without Jesus
I Will None Get
So I Will
Out Of Love
Cling To Jesus Christ
My Eternity Is By God Set!

I Get God!

God's Got Gold!

I Get Gold
Because I've Got God
Who Is Good
And Who
For My Sake
By Jesus
On The Cross Stood!
His Blood Has
My Peace Purchased!
My Peace Is Mine
Because I His Living Word Obey!
I Shall By Grace
Walk Holy
Won't Have It Any Other Way!

Problem Solved!

Jesus Saves!