Monday, June 6, 2016

The License Renewal

My Life Driver License
Had Come Up For Renewal!
I Hemmed!
I Hawed!
My Life Was In Upheaval!
I Had Walked In My Own Way!
Sometimes I Even Prayed As I Played
- Until Now That Is -
Well Knowing That
If I Continued Thus Walking
High Flying
At Doing Sin Not Balking
I Was Staring Eternal Darkness
From The One
In Whose Peaceful Pastures
I Should Be Comfortably
Restfully Partaking!

I Was Miserable!
Do What Thou Wilt
Had Been The Call
Of My Rebellious Way
Do It If It Feels Good
Have Fun In The Sun
Do Dark Deeds In Darkness
Wipe Your Mouth
It Is Nobody's Business
If They Weren't There When You Had Some
Reigned Supreme!

I Got To The Renewal Station!
I Had My Renewal Payment In Hand
When Right Beside Me
Was A Man With Holes In His Hands!
In Shock I Looked Up
And Saw A Tragically Scarred Face
Holes In Bronzed Feet
Through The Rents In His Garment
A Gaping Hole

I Reached Out!
I Touched Him!
I Looked And I Saw
Tears In His Eyes
I Started Crying Too!

My Stomach Had A Million Butterflies
I Didn't Care!
This Stranger
Well Known
By All And Sundry
- Rejectors And Acceptor Alike -
Was The One Who For Lost Souls
Was Always In A To-The-Death Fight!

I Asked:
Are You Here About Me?

He Answered:
I Am Pleading For Your Life!

I Cried:
But I'm Just Here To Renew My Life Driver License!

He Cried:
Please Don't!
That Renewal Has A License Is Lease
Feeling Is Grease Rider!
It Is Going To Cost You
Your Life Now
Eternal Life
When Earth Comes To Journey's End!

I Went White Purple
In Shocked Disbelief!

I Exclaimed:

But ... BUT ...
Pastor Says
That All You Desire From Us Is A Little Faith
A Little Belief!

He Stated:
Faith Without Work Is Dead!
Swallowing Hot Coals Will Kill You Dead!
Ignoring The Salvation Of Your Soul
Won't Make Death
Any Less True
Denying The Penalty Of Death For Sin
Is Not Going To Force Me To Save You!

I Already Paid For Your Salvation!
I Already Gave My Life For Yours!
I Paid So You Don't Have To
My Blood Gives You Heaven's Gold!

Discard The Wilful One's Artful License
Stop Right Now
In My Name
To The Father Prayer!
Confess Your Sins And Repent
And Invite The Holy Spirit
To Take Up Residence
And With You Forever Stay!

I Beseech You!
I Am Pleading To Save Your Soul!
Life's Pleasures Are Fleeting!
Life's Coins Are Like Burning Coals
As Coals Have A Shelf Life
So Will You
If Heaven Is Not For You The Sole Goal!

I Offer Pleasures For Evermore!
I Offer Gold That Is Tried!
I Offer Life Everlasting
Across The Separating Line!

I Ask For Your Willing Obedience!
I Ask You To Walk In My Straight Narrow Way!
I Ask You To Please Come With Me
You Can Only Come
If You Believe In Me And Trust Me
To Guide You In The Holy Way!

Your Life Will Not Be Easy!
You Will Be Hated
Often Distressed
If You Walk With Me
You Will Always Be Blessed
And Have Rest!

Please Give Me Your Life Drive License!
Let Me Be Your Shepherd Today!
I Love You!
I Need You!
From The World Turn Away!

I Though For A Brief Moment!
I Saw My Life Through His Eyes!
I Gave Him My RIGHT Hand
The Hand With The Old License And Renewal Money
His Garment Changed
Right Before My Eyes!

He Stands The King Before Me!
I Stood Striking Tall
For I Knew If I Looked Behind Me
He'd Be Standing There
As My Judge
The Judge Of Those Who
Reject The Salvation Call!

We Talked For A Long A While!
I Nodded Acceptance!
I Acknowledged That The Path Will Be Hard
Come What May
I Know I Have An Advocate With My Heavenly Father
With Christ
From Sin
Walked Away!

My Motto
From That Day Onward Is:

Not I But Christ!

I Am Glad
That I Took The Steps Toward Christ!