Saturday, June 25, 2016


Father,  You Inspire Me
So That The World's Wisdom Can't Confuse Me!

Father,  You Teach Me
So That The Vile Word Of Man Cannot Me Distress!

Father,  I Know That You Love Me
You Cannot Love Me More
For Love Of Me Brought You Distress
And It Is For Love Of Me
That At The Cross
Satan Did His Hatred
With Excess Express!

Help Me To Pray More
In And Out The Door!
Help Me To Pray More
Never Viewng Any Task For You A Chore!
Help Me To Use My Faith More
And My Worry Muscles Less!

Help Me,  Dear Lord
This Day
Ever And Always
My Love Of You
And The Truth Of The Gospel
To Confidently Confess!

Lord, Yes!
The Way Of The Cross Leads Home
And By Following The Cross
I Know I Am Not Alone!

Let My Heart Beat True
Lift Up My Head
Draw Me Closer To You
Give Me The Courage
To Do All
A Faithful Servant Will Lovingly Do
Of Your Word
Right And True!

I Love You, Lord!
Bless Me With
A Consuming Hope For Heaven
An Overwhelming Love For Christ
Eagle Eyes Fixed And Focused On The Prize
Constant Hands On The Gospel Plow
A Head That Won't Bow To Idols
Feet Grooved For The Narrow Way
Ears That Hear Only What You Say
A Straight Tongue To Ever Confess Jesus Christ
In A Mouth Unfitted To Speaking Lies
For The Building Of Satan's Throne
And,  Lord
If You Please
And For My Soul's Sweet Pleasure
Grant Me The Sound Of A Bell From Heaven
In My Ear Constant Ringing:

Home!  Home!
Your God Is In Residence
And Waiting For You!
Your God Is At Home
On Heaven's Glorious Throne!
Soon You Will Be Coming Home!
The Living God Sits On His Eternal Throne!
You Are Never Alone!

In Jesus' Name I Make This Plea
Bless Me,  Dear Lord
I Gladly Follow Thee!